How To Refinish A Metal Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets after a period of time can look worse for wear after a while. Most people simply throw the old one away and make way for a brand new filing cabinet. Well for some of us having to fork out extra cash for something that can easily be done yourself and at a much cheaper cost as opposed to buying a brand new cabinet.

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This article will teach you how you can bring the spark back into your metal filing cabinet metal deep drawing. With a little make over you can restore it back to pretty much how it looked when you first bought it. One advantage to you is that you can customize your cabinet to suit it’s surroundings with a lick of paint you can add any color you wish to match any part of your home or office.

OK if your cabinet has files and documents in it, than remove all paper work in an organized manner so your documents and files can be placed back in their appropriate place once the job is done. Depending on the size of the cabinet you may need a family member or friend to help you move the cabinet to a outside location where the restoration will be done.

Lay down a plastic floor cover o the area you are going to be working on, just a common sense precaution in case any chemical spills should occur. After laying down the plastic place your cabinet on top. pull out each draw one by one, in order for the draws to be released from the cabinet completely you will need to slightly lift the draws from the internal tracking system. When done set each draw on the plastic floor cover beside the cabinet.


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