What They Don’t Teach You in Interior Design School

As a successful entrepreneur and huge fan all things creative and beautiful, it amazes me how much the average person can pay for college and how many important details they fail to teach us. I paid my dues, went to college and got my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. I was a hopeful student, eager to learn and ready to apply interior styling everything I was taught out in the real world (even graduated Summa Cum Laude). My disappointment and frustration came very soon after graduation. I soon realized there was still so much about this profession that I didn’t know…and I’m talking the good stuff. I have always enjoyed helping people, hence my chosen field. I just hadn’t realized how much until quite recently.

Divulging and relaying useful information and helpful content is a big part of our mission. I divulge this next bit of information with the true intent of helping others, whether it’s other Designers or Decorators, future Designers and Decorators, or anyone else interested in learning more about the Home Décor and Design industry. Below is what I consider the top 3 most important bits of information that they don’t teach you in Interior Design and Decorating school.

1. Your Designs Won’t Get You Jobs, Marketing Them Will.

I think the most important thing they neglect to teach you is the importance of marketing yourself and your business. If I could do over, I might have majored in marketing with a minor in Interior Design. The accredited school that I graduated from offered one relevant course called Business Practices and I think it may have touched briefly on the topic with most of the discussions centered on business card and letterhead design. Nothing covered in the class is even remotely relevant today. Marketing strategies and tactics are constantly changing and if you’re not up to par with the program, you just might fall behind.

2. How Do I Get Those Great Trade Discounts on Merchandise?

Just because you’ve graduated from Interior Design or Decorating school doesn’t mean you’ll automatically receive any discounts on home décor, furniture or furnishings. It takes time to develop those relationships and figure out how and where the best places to shop are. They don’t hand you a road map and list of addresses the moment you graduate. There’s a process and paperwork and it doesn’t just happen overnight.

When redecorating your home you have a variety of different styles to choose from, some of which come and go. The interior design industry like a lot of other industry is subject to trends. If you are considering decorating your home with a trendy style you should read this short article first. It might change your mind.

When you pick up that designer magazine you might see one of the newest looks and think that it is the style for you. Consider your choice very wisely though. Chances are good that the room on the cover of that magazine belongs to someone who can afford to redecorate on a regular basis. If you can not afford to do that you need to make the most of your redesign and choose a basic style that is timeless. Trends come and go and it usually it does not take long to get tired of them. If this happens you are stuck with a room that is already dated. By going with a timeless basic style however your room will always look good. If you must be trendy, instead of investing in large scale trendy designs you should accessorize for the current trend. Instead of that funky and new flooring buy an easily replaceable rug. Instead of that ultra modern furniture add some trendy throw pillows. There are many ways to be trendy without the large investment so consider these options before you leap into a trendy redesign.


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