Cox and Kings IPO – Should You Invest?

Company profile: The Cox and Kings brand has evolved through over 250 years of history and today is one of the recognized holiday brands that cater to the overall travel needs of an Indian and International traveler. Cox and Kings (India) Limited has won several awards and recognition for its service. Their business can be broadly categorized as Leisure Travel, Corporate Travel, Forex and Visa Processing. Cox and Kings also provide value added services viz., customizing travel plans for our NRI customers, travel arrangements for Trade Fairs, providing private air charter services, etc. Besides, we offer travel related foreign exchange & payment solutions.

Cox And Kings have global presence with their operations in 19 countries besides India through their subsidiaries, branch offices and representative offices. They have subsidiaries in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, US, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong. They also operate from Moscow (Russia), Maldives and Tahiti through their branch offices and Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Taiwan, South America and South Africa through their representative offices. The company is a shareholder member of Radius Inc, which is a consortium of leading travel agents around the world. On the international map, Cox & catering service provider Kings has its presence also through these 90 Radius members from more than 80 prominent countries across the globe with over 3,600 locations.

The Covent Garden in London is a very well renowned place for tourists. It is a great place to visit every year for spending vacations. It’s a great place for the things it has to give. The tempting food, places to visit, sights to see, music to hear, and the amazing people to share with are the things that makes it one of the best places to go to. It has more to give every time you visit the place.

Yes, there are more places to visit in the United Kingdom. But, this one has its own specialty. To prove that more than 45 million people give in to the eagerness to visit Covent Garden. And most of these people leave with joy in their faces after the tour. One of the best things to do while you are in here is to try eating the foods there. This place has got a wonderful mixture of different foods of different cultures and different cuisines.

The garden is teaming with more than 380 restaurants. These restaurants also cater for different occasions. There are loud and dazzling pubs and bars in here too for the people who are not used to having quiet dinner times.

Meals are one of the important parts of everyday life. Everyone wants to get a good break in the work day. A good lunch and a 15-minutes break. Some like to have dinner in a nice place where they would go just before or after going on a movie date. For those people there are lot of fancy and non fancy restaurants with fine dining.

These discussions take us now to the search for the best restaurants in Covent Garden. Eating there is so much fun when you really give it a try. If you think that you’ve seen enough of the fancy and high-class restaurants, then you must give it a try. It’s not always so expensive and it’s amazing. The restaurants here are great places for a nice dinner. The restaurants serve a lot of different cuisines. In them British, Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Lebanese, Argentinean are the most tasted by the customers in the restaurants. Five-Star restaurants are not uncommon sights in here.


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