Is The Web Host Capable?

You must know your needs before you buy a web host. A web host is a computer server using a unique IP address. Why do you buy a web hosting service? Because you need to store web pages and to store web pages, you need disk space. Before choosing any web host, you need to consider disk space a host is providing, bandwidth, databases, FTP accounts, email addresses (POP accounts), web based email interface, dedicated IP, control panel, add multiple domains and websites, SFTP, shell access, email filters, email aliases, auto responders, PHP 5, CGI scripts, graphical statistics, with and without www URLs, .ht access control, Java SDK, mod_rewrite, access to log files, access to script errors, set up account within 24 hour, 24×7 support, automated monitoring, value added services, 99.9% up time, satisfaction guarantee of 60 days, high speed network, customized 404 etc. Among all these, two essential capabilities are the disk space the host is providing and the bandwidth it is offering. A web page is a combination of web page files (scripts and tags), images, sounds, emails etc. The amount of disk space required depends upon the number of files you have. Remember! All files, images, sounds, emails etc. Most of the web sites use re-usability of the header images to save the disk space. It means you need to store logo file once on the disk space and it will be reused on all pages. Similarly, many scripts are reusable to save the disk space. Most of the websites on the Internet use less than 10 MB of the disk space.

The other essential capability you should consider is the bandwidth or traffic. A small website could consume 1GB-5GB of disk space/month. It is easy to calculate the bandwidth f95zone. One is average size of the page and other is total page views in a month. Lets say your average page size is 20KB and you get 20,000 hits per month then you can apply the following formula to calculate traffic: –

If you aren’t already sold that your business should have a page on the Internet, well frankly-it should. Assumingly, you are already convinced of this, as everyone around you, even the local hole-in-the-wall drycleaner has a website these days it seems godaddy email. Well all websites start with a domain name, and getting a good one, and without being ripped off is a must. Here’s how:

First understand the difference between buying a domain name, and purchasing web hosting. The domain name is your address to access your website, you must get hosting to accompany it, but there is much more to be said about buying the domain name itself. Hosting is the actual space where your website is stored, and it is usually bought with the domain name, although you can certainly buy a domain name without having to get hosting. I won’t discuss hosting here.

Domain names, being very limited as there is only one of whatever name you want, suggests that you should purchase the name immediately even before you are ready to make your website, at least you will have reserved the name for yourself.

When making the decision of purchasing a domain name for your businesses website, don’t rule out the possibility of securing more then one domain name. Names can be had for cheap these days, under twenty dollars at all the major domain registrars for a yearly renewal.

BEGIN SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS – First Step is to generate a name. Choosing a name may sound a bit mundane but there is more to choosing a name than you might think. Hopefully you are going to live with this name for a long time so let’s get it right from the start. Changing names (or phone numbers for that matter) can set you back. You lose valuable time and customers every time you change. The whole idea behind a name is to brand that name in your market or business community. Branding a name takes time, persistence, energy and money. None of us have any of those elements to waste.

A good name should say WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHERE to get more information and HOW to contact you. That can be a tall order for one name. Some companies have tried to get the job done with names that represent their phone number along with their products or services. EXAMPLE: a fishing guide might advertise 1-800-Get-Fish. In its time this used to be a pretty good idea but today it falls short. Unless the name of the company is actually “1-800-GET-FISH” the name does not say WHO they are. The example also suggests that you should only call for information during working hours and NOT to call at midnight or on SUNDAY. After all it is a phone number and you wouldn’t want to be rude and call in the middle of the night.


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