The Lost Art of Email Marketing in the Social Media Age

Consider the following: 72% of Americans view email as their favorite way of communicating with companies they do business with. Think about it: arguably 72% of all the customers that have visited your venue or event want to hear from you! Another quite interesting fact is 68% of consumers have made purchases as a direct result of an email message. In other words, email marketing adds to your bottom line How to delete a labels in gmail.

Email can be a very powerful and vibrant tool to connect people with your Bar, Nightclub or events. Think about this: do you know anyone that does not have an email address or even two? Or how often do you “unsubscribe” from the TONS of commercial email messages you receive on a daily basis? Let’s face it emails has become a very large part of our lives.

Since nightlife is a very personal business you need a very personal way to market it. Marketing through email is that personal marketing tool that is needed. Email marketing works best when it has been personalized and tailored to your customers, this means that every point in communication can be tailored to their interest.

Do you still need convincing that email marketing is the way to go? Here are six notable reasons why this type of marketing is considered to be an important form of Marketing

As stated previously, nightlife is a personal business and email marketing is a very personal way to promote your nightlife business. With Email marketing what you are essentially doing is segmenting your consumers into lists. After you have compiled your list you send each list that has been segmented a customized email message that resonates with your follower that will give them something of value that keeps that consumer coming back.


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