Website Blogging – Creating That Fantastic Blog

Writing a blog is a particular skill. It needs time, a good understanding of audience and an excellent command of language. You will also need to be able to use a computer to a basic level.

Most people have a good command of language. However, they are relatively few that can spurt out a perfectly written blog immediately. So always be prepared to spend a little time editing and spell checking before you publish.

Bear in mind to keep your blog quite informal. Internet blogging in its very nature is personal and informal, so to write in a formal manner would be inappropriate Always keep to a certain style to show consistency too and most importantly keep it chatty! Unlike with websites, don’t be afraid to use a chatty and talkative style. If you find this is not your regular style, have a look at other blogs and analyse exactly why they work and what sort of language they use.

Secondly, make your blog user friendly. Dividing your posts into sections or list will enable users to easily find entries, rather than sifting through all of the entries to find the article that they want. Making things easier for your viewers will help convince them to return to your blog over and over again.

Moreover, make sure it is easily readable and suitably divided. Use font and font sizes that are easy to see – so no fancy stuff! Also, use subheading to break up text when needed. One big ‘no no’ is the over use of exclamation marks, so try not to over use them.

Keep your posts short and sweet. This is vital to creating posts that people actually are going to read. Nobody wants to read pages and pages of waffle, so always try to keep to the point and take care not to repeat yourself. As I understand, at times us writers can get carried away, but if you do have a lot to say on a subject, divide it into several posts.

Not only do you have to keep the content varied and interesting, but the format too. Vary your format by using bullet points, lists, story-like narration etc, to keep viewers interested. Keep the headlines interesting too – make sure they are relative to the subject but still unusual. Puns are without a doubt the best way to create a funny and interesting title.


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