Use Blogs to Get Your Subscribers Informed Part II

You can also look into the blogs of some prestigious businesses. With this, you will definitely have a good idea in mind on how to start and how the content of the blog should be to capture a good number of audiences. Some bloggers are only focused at making good titles. This is a big no, no. blogs should be rich in content and of course, it should have an appropriate title. Some people scan through a lot of blogs and seek for the articles which have grabbing titles. This is why you should also give some effort when you are making titles. However, the title should not be all. Support it with rich content. However, do not exaggerate. Keep everything in moderation.

If you want you can optimize your blog by inserting a comment box to know what other people can say. Of course, you might receive bad comments but all of us can change for the better. It does not matter if you get comments once in a while This will motivate you to strive harder and to know where you eventually lack. If you are looking for topics and subjects to write about, there are so many sources you can choose from. The media is one of the great mediums to know what you can write about. You should keep abreast of the latest news and trends. In this way, you can simply have a handy notebook with you so that when a great idea comes into your mind, you can take note of it and actually use it for future reference.

You can also go through magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and posters to know the latest views and current issues. You can also ask and get opinion from your clients. They can tell you what could be the most interesting topics under the sun. Furthermore, you can be sure that it will be read by many because this is basically what your clients are expecting. A variety of topics are available, choosing the one which best interests you, pays off a lot.

Once you really start scaling out your new internet marketing empire, one of the first major obstacles you are going to have to cross is what I refer to as the “Content Crisis”. Everyone that I know, without fail who has built a successful series of small niche sites has at one time or another had to stretch a bit to add new, informative and entertaining bit of information to their website or blog. We all just hit a wall – it’s really that simple. If you cover a particular topic thirteen ways from Wednesday – at some point, topic burnout sets in. Thankfully, the very basic dynamic nature of the web is your best friend, and you can set your site up to simply piggyback off of others within your niche when it gets a little bit sleepy..:-) Let’s take a quick look at 2 of them.

1)RSS. Everyone who publishes online has some degree of knowledge (or should!) of RSS – which in our non technical parlance will simply refer to Real Simple Syndication. Essentially RSS, from a publisher’s standpoint, simply allows you to aggregate and collect information from around the web in small chunks, usually in the form of headlines and small snippets of content, which you can publish on your site, and will update for you automatically as the originators of the content add more items. Essentially, your site will be augmented with free information and content, published by other people which keeps YOUR site updated with a free flow of good information, AND benefits the other publishers as well as their content is effectively syndicated around the web, extending their reach and circle of influence. A win/win for both parties, and your readers too!

2)Blog comments. Many smart marketers have been using this method for years, and it amazes me how many people I consult with are OBLIVIOUS to this great source of entertaining and interactive content you can enjoy on autopilot. A good blog has an engaged audience. An engaged audience wants to be heard. And the ability to comment, allows them to be. They will interact with YOUR content, with each other, and with industry news. The buzzword going forward in the online marketing space is undoubtedly COMMUNITY. Strong communities make for strong sites, and even stronger bank statements..:-) If you are running ANY form of advertising on your site, do not even consider turning “comments” off on a blog install. Yes it is a pain in the butt to manage. Yes you will get SOME spam, but thankfully not much due to great anti-spam plugins readily available to you for free. But NOTHING kills a conversation quicker than a monologue. Your blog comments are a great source of organic traffic from the search engines and social networks, as well as a compelling force in keeping your one time visitors coming back often, interested, engaged and entertained! Good luck and don’t forget to ask questions if you have them..:-)


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