5 Ways to Persuade Coworkers to Join Your Blog Team

The only thing harder than maintaining a corporate blog is maintaining a corporate blog without any help. At the very least, you should be getting guest posts from customers, coworkers, or random people off the street. Here’s how you convince them to help you:

“I saw your LinkedIn profile, hahaha… seriously, when are you going to finish it?” Nothing beats a blog for making a career coaster look like a savvy domain expert bluegraydaily.com. Nothing perks up a profile more than “Industry Blogger” or EZine Expert Author. You could just get a much more impressive career history. Or you could blog a bit

“Hey, I Googled your name the other day. Good News! I might have a plan for knocking that Mardi Gras picture off the first page!” Prospective employers are going to look at your resume, check your LinkedIn profile, then Google your name. Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. You want to beef up your personal search results? How about publishing a blog post or 20 with your name on them?

“Remember meeting that consultant who does EXACTLY what you do but gets paid all that money for speaking engagements and consulting gigs? I wonder how he got started?” By building his reputation as an industry expert, that’s how. You don’t have to publish to be considered an expert in your field, but it’s a lot classier than wearing it on your shirt.

“Tough break on that promotion. If only there was a way to show them you knew more than everybody else… hmmm. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll think of something.” There are lots of ways to get recognition for the work you put into being good at what you do. You could wait for everybody to notice (lame) or you could give everybody a recurring reminder in the form of an eternal electronic record that gets read by your fellow employees, your customers, and your partners.

“What happened to that book you said you were putting together? Oh, well that’s OK, I’m sure you’ll have more time next year (hahahahaha)” Ever seen an eBook? Don’t let them fool you. It’s like 30 PowerPoint slides. You can knock out a solid post a week, drop them into a slide deck, submit it to Amazon and congratulations, you’ve now joined the ranks of Stephen Covey and Stephen King. Writers write and if you ever want to earn your spurs, you could do worse than shilling for the people who are nice enough to employ you before you’re famous.

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