Improving Search Engine Rankings With Blogs, Articles, Twitter and Facebook

In today’s extremely competitive market you’ve got to make use of all your free marketing venues. Blogging, submitting articles to directories and having a company page on Facebook and Twitter are crucial marketing strategies. You can’t afford not to get out there and publicize your business.

I use several article directories to submit my trade related articles and reach an extended audience. Registration is free at most of these services and submitting an article is very simple All you need to do is take a few minutes to write about something of interest to your potential clients. For instance, this article is about marketing your business to increase your website’s exposure in search engines. If people can find you they can order your products or services. If they can’t find you they’ll find someone else. This method of marketing for free is of great interest to many businesses and when they search for news ways to improve sales they may find my article. Finding my article can direct them to my website and my services. This practice can improve traffic to my site and increase my exposure to potential clients. I see it as a “win-win”! You can use ezinearticles or any other article directory service that you’re comfortable with. To research the available directories you can simply enter “article directory sites” into your favorite search box and browse the results.

Get on Twitter and Facebook now! These are great ways to increase traffic to your website. Registration is free for both these services and Facebook offers the opportunity to create a company page. These sites are social networks whose registration numbers are increasing rapidly. You can register for twitter at: and for a Facebook company page visit: Facebook and select the company page option at the lower left hand side of the page. To create your Facebook company page you may want a few images on hand such as your company logo, samples of your work or products, etc. You will be giving the opportunity to upload these images during the page creation process. It’s very user friendly and goes quickly. Exposing your business to these huge markets is another great way to get your name out there for free. Use these social networks to advertise your business through images, links to your website, and daily posts. The result can be more traffic to your site, more sales and consequently, increased search engine standings for your company website.

Finally, I’d like to mention, once again, the benefits of blogging. Do it! Blogging can also improve your website exposure, search engine ranking and sales. I like blogging using the wordpress service. By the way, The New York Times, Yahoo and CNN use the service as well. It’s Free. It’s easy. It’s what you need to do. Blogging is simple, and doesn’t take a great deal of time. You can download the software and start blogging in minutes. Don’t be intimidated. You can post entries in your blog according to your schedule. Daily, once a week, even twice a month would be fine. Be sure to include a link to your website in your blog posts and add your blog link to your website.

Seriously, making the time to add the above services to your marketing tools will pay off greatly. There are still many, many business owners who do not employ these free and simple techniques. Being one of the few who do will greatly increase your competitive edge. When you use these services please remember to link to these services from your website and to link to your website from them! This helps increase the number of inbound and outbound links on your website which, in turn, also helps with increasing your search engine rankings. You should also mention your blog and website address in your articles and posts wherever they may be.

As far as posting and writing goes, you should write about things people interested in your products or services would be interested in. For example, if you sell clothing you could write about what fashions are popular or what are the best products for the money. If you’re a photographer or other type of service provider you can give your audience information on how to improve their techniques and get better results.


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