Wedding Bands Are Ringing

Once a person ties the knot, what do you think the most important key element of the wedding is? It’s the wedding ring or your wedding ribbon; everyone has their eyes on it. Later on your friends all vie around you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful wedding band you selected to grace your finger with. Everything is scrutinized, from the stone, to the metal work, the kind of metal used and how pocket friendly the cost of the ring was.

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Among the most popular metals for rings (gold, platinum and titanium) there seems to have entered a new comer namely, Tungsten. Tungsten is an element having many practical uses in jewelry clearance tungsten rings. Sharing almost the same density as gold as tungsten is only 0.36% less dense than gold. Tungsten is popularly used in jewelry and at times has proven to be a much more popular alternative for gold than platinum or titanium due to it being more pocket friendly.

As tungsten also has a higher melting point and possesses the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any pure metal, it has been used extensively in making wedding ribbons. Tungsten bands and tungsten rings last longer than gold alloy, being able to with stand scratches and are hypoallergenic which increases it popularity and appeal. Tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands are therefore very popular jewelry for you and your spouse.

A wedding ribbon is always more favored by men and tungsten wedding bands offer a wide variety of different colors and ornamentation like patterns and grooves. Compared to the range available in platinum or gold, the tungsten wedding bands have received a much more popular response from men. This is because men find that tungsten is so durable that they do not need to worry about accidentally scratching or causing the ring any harm.

Keeping in mind that there are various styles available in for tungsten bands and tungsten rings. The casual yet delicate bands are great presents to give due to their inexpensive pricing yet pricey look and appeal. Before you decide to splurge your money, there are some differences though. A tungsten wedding band is usually a band of tungsten with grooves, patterns or any engraving but it lacks the stones that a tungsten wedding ring is ornamented with.


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