How to Make Money From a Blog

With the economy being in such bad shape over the last several years, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to make a little extra money. The good news is that thanks to the internet explosion, there are more ways than ever to make money online. You don’t have to hassle with getting a second job (and a second boss); you can create your own, right from your own living room. Starting a blog is one of the best options out there and we’re going to focus on how to make money from a blog in this article.

One of the best ways to make money from blogging is to advertise affiliate products. Just about any company in the world allows people to sign up with them as affiliates Sherry Dyson. This means you advertise their products, and if someone uses one of the links from your website to visit their site and they purchase something, you will make a small commission.

This can be done by placing banner ads in the sidebar or at the bottom of the site. You can also place text ads within the body of your blog content as well.

Of course, you will want to advertise affiliate products that are somewhat related to the topic of your blog. If you start a blog about real estate, it won’t make much sense to advertise products related to dogs. The best case is to advertise products that you know your readers will be interested in.

Another way to make money with your blog is to capture the email addresses of your readers and start a newsletter to send them. This gives you the ability to occasionally send them an email.

This can have two purposes. When your email shows up in their inbox, it serves as a reminder of your blog and they will be more likely to go back and visit it.

You can also include marketing for your affiliate products within the newsletters as another avenue to make money.

Another option when you’re trying to learn how to make money from a blog is to sell your own products and services. This is a great way to sell products that you make to people because there are many different kinds of online tools that make it easy to accept payment these days.

You can also sell your services on your blog. Of course, the content of your blog will still be the most important part of the blog. However, you can still use the sidebars and outer areas of the site to promote the services you can provide.

9. Do Reselling: This is similar to affiliate marketing; but you determine how much to sell. In affiliate marketing you refer people to the product owner and get paid. But as a reseller, you buy in wholesale from the product owner and set the price you want to sell to your visitors.

10. ExitJunction: Just like the name suggests, ExitJunction enables you serve ads to visitors who come to your site through the major search engines. As they hit the “back” button, exit junction presents them with their ads which if clicked on would provide you some income. This programme ensures that you get additional revenue from those who leave your site.

You are paid for both local and international traffic that your site generates. The good news about them is that their ads are non-contextual; so they can be served on the same page as Google AdSense. They also pay you for life 10% commission on the revenue generated by every publisher you refer to them.


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