How to Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

While some people prefer a gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes they smoke while quitting, many people would rather stop smoking cold turkey. I was one of those people. This means that a person quits because of their sheer will, from one day to the next.

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It’s not true that not much preparation goes into it when you stop smoking cold turkey. It’s often just the opposite best smoke spots dust 2. People who have sufficiently prepared themselves both mentally and emotionally (although it’s not always a conscious process) to reach an unequivocal decision to stop smoking cold turkey are those who then pull it off and quit once and for all.

When you stop smoking cold turkey, it very often means that you don’t use any other aids such as nicotine gums or patches.

There are many natural aids which will support you without any side effects. They are also FREE how to make stone in little alchemy. One of them is exercise. It’s a very good way to balance your body as soon as you stop smoking. It’s one of the signs that you choose to take care of your health. It builds confidence, gives you a wonderful activity which probably never involved smoking for you and helps you learn to breathe properly.

Also important is to stop doing things which were associated with smoking or which you enjoyed doing while smoking. For example, stay away from coffee and alcohol for a couple of weeks after quitting smoking. The same applies to certain foods. The psychological attachment to certain foods and habits associated for you with smoking should be recognized and loosened, as it tends to pull people back into their smoking past.

When I stopped smoking cold turkey many years ago, I did it during a vacation. I knew that I couldn’t comfortably sit on one particular bench in the lobby of our office, because it was my regular hangout while “grabbing a smoke”. The association was too strong. But after a couple of weeks without a cigarette, going back to that spot wasn’t a problem.

You will need to face and be willing to conquer some of the unpleasant feelings and withdrawal symptoms early on when you stop smoking cold turkey. Nicotine is addictive and there can be strong withdrawal symptoms initially. They can be easily overcome with will power and the right attitude. Remember – it’s always mind over matter. The more sure you are of your goal, the easier it will be. And with every passing hour the path becomes smoother as nicotine is leaving your tissues and cravings gradually disappear.

The best defense against the side effects of irritability, cravings, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, tension etc, is keeping in mind the benefits you are striving for when you can finally become a “non-smoker”. You need to focus your mind on your desire to attain this goal and then all else will fall into the right perspective.

Drinking plenty of water helps with the detox process and will speed it up. It flushes toxins out of your body. As the remaining nicotine is thrown out of your system, the urge for more nicotine lessens.

The sense of achievement and the freedom you will experience once you quit will be well worth every bit of discomfort you may encounter during the first week. You see, the benefit of stopping smoking cold turkey is that it’s the fastest way to break the habit! Remember that and only that. You will never regret having quit smoking!

Cigarette smoke can do damage in many diverse ways. Whether you experience the smoke first or second hand, there is always a negative effect on your body. Studies have revealed the dangerous physical effects of smoking on people who are long-term smokers. Smoking bans are presently in place in many countries across the world. Do you need a ton of reasons to give up smoking? It costs a lot, causes your outfits to smell terrible, and ruins your teeth. Bad breath is also a depressing side effect. Here are some tips to help you stop smoking.

Initially, you need to find out the reasons you want to smoke. Are you more apt to have a smoke under stress? Do you crave a smoke in the morning with coffee or in the evening with a beverage? Identifying exactly what compels you to light up is enormously helpful in shaping a line of action to stay away from cigarettes.

Then, you need to identify a means to keep these fixations under control. You can make use of your willpower to not have a smoke, however, this method is not always effective. When you first start to stop using nicotine, you can have fierce cravings and your resentment could be simmering just under the surface. If you notice yourself smoking while you enjoy your coffee, try to reduce your coffee consumption during the day. For outside-only smokers, you should make an effort to stay put inside if you sense an urge for a cigarette happening.

The third step might be the easiest. Find every object that’s connected to smoking in your home and your automobile and clean it out. Put your ashtrays, lighters, matches and smokes in the trash. If you come across something that you really feel that you can’t dispose of, try to keep in mind that this object might also trigger your weak spot and devastate all of your progress from quitting smoking.


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