Written or Video Based Tutorials

Tutorials can be presented as both, a learning method and updating one’s information. There are simple and easy tutorials for basic processes or complex and intricate for difficult procedures.

Written tutorials

A written tutorial is a document explaining the procedure in a step by step format. It’s either available online for download or can be printed on a page. They are also embedded in the software as Help manuals. The information provided is descriptive in nature and gives procedural details. Written tutorials can be used as 兼職老師 reference guides for a particular problem.

To engage the learner, we can present the tutorial in the form of a story, adding images, narrative text and music. A PowerPoint presentation with graphics and sounds makes for an interesting tutorial. Feedbacks and short quizzes can also be included on the tutorial to gauge learner response.

Written tutorials are mainly prepared as PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents.

Video based tutorials

Video tutorials are the most promising form of instructions. They engage the learner in close to real life scenarios. These tutorials are very interactive. They train the learner to respond to a given situation by simulating a process onscreen or presenting a video on it. Video tutorials are usually for a short duration. They tend to cover a specific process within a span of five to fifteen minutes.

Video tutorials get the learner involved in the tutorial. The learner has the choice to manage the pace of the training by making use of controls on each page.

Video tutorials are generally created in Adobe Captivate® and Camatasia Studio®.

Benefits of Video tutorials over Written tutorials

Based on the above information it is evident, video tutorials are a notch up over written tutorials.

• It is much easier to interpret information when you see it rather than read it.

• It is simpler to understand directions when somebody is guiding you through, rather than thinking what it may look like in your head.

• The instructions given by a real person are clear to understand.

• From a business point of view it creates a personal touch as a person is talking with the user.

Written tutorials: An optimistic view

For all the advantages Video tutorials have, written tutorials do have some positive aspects.

• Many users would like to keep the document like a quick reference at their desks.

• The controls on the video tutorial take some time to getting used to, when compared with a step by step procedure on a written document.


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