Why Blogging For Business is Here to Stay

You have a website that has a good presence online with lots of targeted traffic. So why would you want to spend time and resources on managing and promoting a business blog?

In these times of global recession many companies feel that starting a business blog would be too much trouble, and it will not be worth their time and effort postonmagazine.com. In fact this is partly true since starting, managing and promoting a blog can be a time consuming activity and you need to find a blogger who can write well on the subject, understands SEO and is consistent and dedicated.

And yet there are so many home businesses, small corporate to Fortune 500 companies that have been successfully using business blogs to create a loyal community of readers (customers and potential customers) by creating articles of interest, introducing new services and products, offering special discounts and promotions, running opinion polls, inviting customer testimonials and feedback, and lots more.

From a SEO’s perspective, blogs satisfy two main criteria set by the search engines i.e. fresh content and building links. Fresh content on blogs can include business updates and industry news, expert articles and interviews, or simply to introduce new team members, take a survey, or announce special discounts and offers.

Link building techniques for your blog like cross linking, deep linking, submitting to article submission sites (syndicate your content and get links) and to social bookmarking sites will help build quality links back to your corporate website. So Blogging is a very effective SEO tool to get higher rankings as well.

In the new marketplace it’s become crucial to build long and lasting relationships with your customers. And we all know that any relationship needs healthy communication and trust to succeed. There are many ways a company or a brand can communicate with its customers like advertising on television, print, radio and outdoor hoardings, other than on websites, newsletters, banner ads etc but most are impersonal and focus on selling something to the viewers and readers.

Now most customers don’t mind getting news and information about companies and brands they are associated with, but they don’t like having their privacy (and wallets) invaded by smart marketing gimmicks all the time.

A business blog is a non-intrusive way for building a healthy two-way communication with your customers over a period of time. You do this by creating lots of useful and resourceful content (how to advise, expert views, interviews, trends, statistics, tips, tools and guides) that will keep the customers/ readers coming back for more.

Customers can go through the blog at their own time and convenience, can subscribe to the RSS of your blog, leave comments and invaluable feedback (that one never finds on websites) and becoming active participants in the growth of your company and brand.

Companies can use their business blogs to build a community of loyal readers who can then be targeted when introducing a new product or service (done in form of tasteful product/ service reviews, often non- intrusive and with some gratification for the readers). Many large corporations have realized that having a business blog gives them a human face, and gives their customers a comfort factor while interacting with the brand.

A business blog can help build one-to-one relationships with your customers, something not possible by other mediums of brand communication. A business blog is more about giving and being helpful, rather than selling, and customers find this fact comforting.


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