Online Degree Review

When one decides to start or finish their education, getting their degree online is one of the best options one can choose. But in order get the most out of this rout in getting their education one must know all of the options available and which one is best for them làm bằng đại học.

There are many online colleges to choose from. There’s DeVry University, The University of Phoenix, AIU University, Walden University, Kaplan University, and this is only a few.

When looking for an online university to get your degree, it will be obvious that there are many choices offered to you. Each university you find will offer different degree programs, in which some will be right for you and some won’t.

Always remember to choose an online college that is accredited because this will be important in increasing your marketability to potential employers. One should also research the quality of the classes offered by a particular university. Most of the top universities lectures are taught through webcams, classroom chats, e-mail & etc. There are also some down falls this, because webcams malfunction and e-mails and chats can be time consuming. But for example Capella University has designed an iGuide system in order to fix theses problems. So as you can see proper research is essential if one expects to get the most out of their online education.

DeVry University, a widely recognized fully accredited university with over 70 on campus locations through the US and Canada, is one of the top online schools. They offer bachelor’s degree programs in business and technology. Such as Small Business Management, Computer Forensics, Accounting, Human Resources, Web Development, and the list goes on. DeVry offers career support, and financial aid. DeVry also is located in over 25 states across the US.

The University of Phoenix is also a fully accredited university with over 40 on campus locations through the US and Canada. The University of Phoenix offers its students, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree’s. They offer a wider variety of subjects such as, business, marketing, education, criminal justice, legal and paralegal, nursing, technology, psychology, and so much more. The University of Phoenix offers financial aid to its students.

The American InterContinental University or AIU University for short, offers its students the opportunity to get their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in as little as ten months! AIU offers degree programs in Visual Communication, Marketing, Information Technology, Health Care Management, Education, Criminal Justice, and Business Administration. AIU Online is an accredited school and offers its students financial aid.

Walden University has a community of over 270,000 students online and at their 58 campuses spread through 16 countries. This accredited university has been around for over 35 years and offers their students many funding options such as scholarships, and financial aid. The Walden University offers degree programs in Education, Child Development, Public Health, Health Services, Clinical Research, Nursing, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Psychology, Human Services, and more. Offering you the chance to complete your master’s, bachelor’s, or your Ph.D.

Kaplan University is an accredited school witch can help you get your associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. Kaplan University offers eight campuses to their students in the US. They offer degree programs in Business, Accounting, Management, Communication, Information Technology, Web Development, Health Care, Criminal Justice, Legal and Paralegal, and much more. Their financial aid office will help you get a grant or a loan to apply.


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