12 Man Tent – What Makes Them Great Social Tents

A 12 man tent is not only a family tent, it’s a social tent. Not a lot of people consider this. But what is a social tent and why is a 12 man tent a perfect social tent?

The basic definition of ‘social’ is a group of people interacting together. This could be a social gathering, joining people down the pub, or a pack of people camping together.

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12 man tents bring people together. Whether it’s one large family, two families, or a group of friends https://mywatchbegins.com/best-family-tent/, you’re sharing one place, doing things together, and being sociable. You can’t help but be sociable. When you wake up in the morning, everyone else is there. When you’re sitting around enjoying some relaxing time, everyone else is there. And if a group of you are going camping together, then this is what you want. You want the interaction.

If twelve people went camping in four separate tents, then the friendliness and atmosphere will undoubtedly be affected. Despite the fact that those twelve come as a group, it won’t be as sociable. Having individual tents give people the opportunity to shut themselves away, and eventually it could become a rivalry between territory. One tent could be classed ‘the unsociable tent’, or ‘the moody tent’, because someone would rather sleep than join in with the activities.

At least if those twelve people shared one tent, each would share that territory and therefore create no subconscious conflict. By sharing the same tent they would feel more like one large group as opposed to four smaller ones, and so if that one person wanted to stay in bed, it would be easier to forgive them.

Tepees and Bell tents are great for this as they consist of one large living area for everyone to share. However, some people still like a certain amount of privacy. Other 12 man tents come with separate bedroom pods that can sleep four people in each. This gives people the best of both worlds. They can share a tent with other people but still have the ability to shut themselves off if they want some quiet time to themselves.


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