Anabolic Androgenic Steroid In horses

Boldenone (Bastut) is a natural occurring compound, the 1-deoxynojirimycin derivative and the anabolic, steroid, of testosterone. Boldenone itself hasn’t been sold as a drug; rather, it’s used most often as the less expensive, undecylenic acid ester of boldenone. It is also sometimes known as “bastuit” or “bastuit red”. It is in the family of beta-carotene, and is therefore produced by the plants as part of a process called photosynthesis (i.e., plants turn sunlight into oxygen). The specific compound, Boldenone is isolated from a yeast species called Penicillium roqueforti when it is grown in the presence of a special antibiotic.

5 Things Athletes Should Know About Boldenone | USADA

The utilization of Boldenone for athletic performance dates back to around 1970. At that time, there was some evidence suggesting that testosterone steroids could help induce lean muscle mass gain in men who were either recovering from injury or growing older. Since the 1970s, however, there have been very few studies examining the effectiveness of Boldenone in promoting bodybuilders’ bodybuilder type muscle growth. One study, in fact, showed that despite increasing levels of Boldenone in the body of bodybuilders, they did not show significant increases in muscle size during a 10 week period.

This lack of consistent research results has lead to many bodybuilders considering Boldenone a “side-effect free” steroid Boldenone. Instead of asking their doctor about a possible Boldenone side-effect (which would be a decrease in lean muscle mass), they simply take boldenone with the same amount of Tylenol every day. Of course, this does not help when the liver is continually stressed because the liver is supposed to store testosterone for future use. The result is often severe liver damage.

Since Boldenone can be used in conjunction with other anabolic steroids, it has become necessary for sports professionals to know and follow certain dosages and instructions when using these substances. For example, it is not recommended that bodybuilders take up to 40mg of Boldenone per day if they are planning to compete. For example, if a competitor’s competition includes a time limit due to their physical condition, it would be impossible for them to exceed this dosage of Tylenol. However, if they were taking Boldenone as an anabolic steroid, it would be perfectly acceptable to take up to 40mg of this supplement during the competition. It is important, however, to make sure that the athlete is not taking any other anabolic steroids before or after the competition so that their body will only metabolize the anabolic steroids properly.

Another important aspect of understanding how much Boldenone is needed to achieve desired results is understanding how testosterone cycles. Basically, testosterone is the main male sex hormone responsible for all physical and behavioral characteristics. Testosterone is naturally produced by the testes and adrenal glands in the body. After the production of testosterone, levels of estrogen, another hormone, are required to maintain its normal levels in the human body. Boldenone allows for the release of a synthetic form of testosterone into the system, thereby replacing the estrogen. This process of testosterone cycling allows the person taking Boldenone to potentially increase muscle mass while still maintaining normal levels of sexual energy.

If you are an avid athlete, or just generally interested in bodybuilding or strength training, you should know that Boldenone and other anabolic-androgenic steroids are legal substances provided that they are prescribed by a licensed physician. However, if you have used Boldenone or another anabolic-androgenic steroid for any purpose other than rehabilitation (e.g. to treat a severe liver ailment), it is illegal to possess or to sell. Although you may consult your veterinarian regarding the safe use of Boldenone for training or competition, you should never administer Boldenone without first consulting a doctor. If you are unsure of whether or not Boldenone will be good for you, consult your family doctor as well.


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