Hair Removal for Men and Women

For men facial hair is a decoration that can be more valuable than Olympic Gold for impressing the ladies. Alas for ladies from puberty to the grave it can be an albatross hanging around their neck. I have a daughter who experienced the embarrassment of facial hair and the prolonged discomfort of many sessions of electrolysis getting past that gift of her heredity. No I can’t say I know what it was like, but I can say I know the personal and physical discomfort she experienced. I know that finding the best way to remove facial hair is vitally important to many ladies.

The first consideration in any treatment of our bodies must be safety. This means knowing your medical state before treatment and the potential impact of the treatment on your health. Get checked out! Sometimes unwanted hair signals a medical condition that should be treated. Secondly, be sure that you are not doing something that is not FDA approved. One other health check up: don’t fall in love with a particular solution until you know the total cost. The health of your finances is important too.

I was educated as an engineer and as such favor doing a cost benefits analysis on almost everything. I don’t mean a big deal analysis, just know what you really expect to achieve and what you are willing to pay for it. Remember that your time has great value as you decide how you will proceed.

Your choices for hair removal range from traditional low-tech to ultra modern high-tech.

  • Your choices for hair removal have costs that range from pennies to hundreds of dollars.
  • Your choices for hair removal range from do-it-yourself to time spent in a medical environment.
  • Your choices for hair removal range from tweezing to chemical, electrical or laser light.
  • Your choices for hair removal range from short-term recurring solutions to a set of treatments that will permanently stop the growth of hair in a given region of your skin.

All of these choices will be made by selecting solutions from one of two classes of hair removal:

DEPILATION: Removal of the part 脫毛機 of the hair above the skin

  • Fast
  • Short-Term Effect Requiring Routine Repetition
  • Minimum Initial Dollar Cost
  • Minimum Time Investment
  • Minimum Pain

EPILATION: Removal of all of the hair including the below the skin part and the root

  • Potentially Permanent
  • High Initial Dollar Cost
  • Significant Time Investment
  • More Pain for Some People

All forms of depilation are temporary. Depilation can abuse skin in a way that leads to irritation, inflammation or infection. Women who choose depilation may use chemicals that remove the hair or rarely a method that resembles “sand paper” friction removal.

Epilating can produce permanent removal of hair growth. But given the reality that there are as many as 700 hairs per square inch of skin, a single treatment is likely to miss some hairs. Multiple treatments will be required to permanently remove all hair in a given location.

Epilating is destroying the part of the hair below the skin and the capacity of a follicle to grow a new hair. Methods of epilating are:

  • Tweezing, pulling the hair out by the roots. Pulling the hair out has been taken to a high level in southwest Asian cultures by “threading”.
  • Waxing (or sugaring with a sticky paste) is common in western cultures.
  • Electrolysis which uses a thin wire inserted into the hair follicle to send an electrical charge to kill the tissue at the base of the follicle.
  • Laser removal which uses intense light to heat the follicle.


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