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My name is Chick Evens. I was visiting the Central Jungles of Peru, in July of 2009, with two family members, and our driver Aaron, and I could not help being interested in the many waterfalls the Satipo jungle had, I felt the greatest desire to go find out, and with my brother-in-law, David, my wife Rosa, and our driver, we paid Aaron seventy soles to take us to two waterfalls, the last being La Resistencia. I was-as my wife already knew, in the habit of going on some of the maddest if not freakish trips in the world: and, when I now think of it, it appears to me, a million marvels that I am alive today.

I do hope I can recall this adventure, to its most candid form, and put it into a balanced momentous narrative; it is by all means, earth-shattering to me.

As I undressed to put my swimming pants on, inside an open aired, bamboo type hut, I was so astonished to see a large wasp climbing down the wooden rafter, as if I had woken it up, and it was scouting to find whom was there, not quite knowing what I was intending to do, and thinking that it was a single wasp, on the prowl, however, saying I knew that I supposed it was not alone, and sure enough, it wasn’t, I saw a second one I was a little tired from the long walk down the slope to the falls, it was a fine sunny afternoon, and I was determined to go under that cool ice like falls, and go frolic in the downpour, it was the middle of July.

I bent low, to my feet, nevertheless, in a kind of thrill, and took off one of my heavy sandals, and quite as tired as I was, I was not ready for what was about to take place.

I looked at the now-two giant wasps, and the dark corners of this decayed bamboo type hut, Aaron thehiltonian, David and Rosa, outside the hut, as if holding steady the helm of a ship, and then I said sternly: “I’m going to kill two wasps!” Turning my eyes upon them, and all three of them with big eyes greatly agitated-for they had already seen the wasp hive, in the corner of the hut, I had not. But as I moved my hand in motion to pulverize the two wasps, distinctly by some light of the sun-my face was paler than any white cloud, and my hand shook so excessively that I could scarcely retain hold of the sandal, I found that something had gone wrong…

Turning my eyes upon the three standing outside the hut, their once assumed nonchalant appearance became seriously alarmed. My wife yelled, “No! No! Don’t kill…” now all three faces were looking at me. There was no wind; the sun too, had suddenly increased, as I-out of some automatic impulse-slammed the sole of my shoe onto the two wasps, killing them insensible. Their body moved. Now there was a horrid buzzing sound inside the hive, I had not expected such an indescribable feeling of dread. I again looked at the hive; my knees shook so violently together that I could scarcely stand.


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