Revolutionary Momby to Ease Breast and Bottle Feeding For Mother and Baby

An innovative new product which has just hit the Irish market and will appeal to all new mothers. “The Momby” is a baby feeding care seat ergonomically designed to by leading international pediatrician, Dr Kyun Kim. Breast feeding or bottle feeding will be a more relaxed and pleasurable experience for both mother and baby with “The Momby”.

The unique design of this product ensures that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed thereby relieving excessive strain on mother’s back and shoulders.This ergonomically designed seat will help ensure the baby is correctly positioned and coughing or vomiting is less likely to occur.

Traditional feeding cushions are made from soft sponge which is not good for baby’s posture during feeding. Ultimately the baby’s back will be curved when feeding. With the Momby dual structure of firm back and cushion mother and baby are comfortable and the baby is lying at the correct angle.

With a feeding cushion the baby’s mouth and the mother’s nipple are at the wrong angle making it harder for 紮肚師 feeding. With a Momby the baby’s head is positioned naturally which is better for both breast feeding and bottle feeding.

When using a feeding cushion mother needs to bend over to feed which can cause back, shoulder and tummy strain. The Momby is designed to ensure that the mother will remain upright when feeding and that the weight of the baby is distributed evenly making the baby easier to hold and relieving aches and pains.

With the baby postured correctly coughing, vomiting and ear infections can be prevented.

The Momby is available in three colours (blue,pink and yellow) and are easy to wash and keep clean. They also make it easier for the younger and older members of your family to bottle feed the baby


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