Tips For Choosing Good Caterers

Finding the right caterer for your wedding catering is the deal clincher for a successful wedding. Food is the one feature of the wedding that is sure to be commented on and remembered by every guest, whether it’s excellent or terrible. Here are a few helpful hints on selecting the right supplier for your wedding catering and ensuring that the food is praised and appreciated by all.

Time and effort should be given to selecting caterers because it can so easily go wrong. Do your research, talk to family and friends, use the internet, read wedding magazine editorial features on caterers or real life wedding stories, recall events that you’ve been to where you enjoyed the food and service.

Decide what type of Asian catering you want for your special day. Presentation and service are all important aspects of wedding catering. Different caterers provide different services. A full service caterer will be able to service the whole 小食到會 event, décor included. These caterers take on an event organisers role and will liaise with all the suppliers and the venue to ensure complete cohesion on the day. Other caterers will simply provide food and service staff. Indian catering is an industry which offers a wide variety of caterers but when dealing with wedding catering it is important to select an established caterer who will fulfil all your expectations on the day.

Estimate your budget, does this include venue and wedding catering? Many venues will have a list of recommended caterers, get quotes and make fair comparisons.

Do feel free to ask for credentials and health and safety policies. Good caterers should have no problem showing these to prospective clients. Also check how the food is transported to the venue.

Get all quotes in writing for your wedding catering so its in black and white. Price is significant but trust and a good relationship is crucial.


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