How Vacuum Packing Helps Home Users

Vacuum packing is a commercial technique that has been used in packing foods for several years. When you take a look at packed products in stores, you will find dry foods packed in plastic bags and sticky ones packed in containers that won’t let any air inside the container. This is not just air tight storage, because they are packed after sucking air inside the bag or container and no further air can is allowed inside. This way, food can be packed and stored for several days 無塵室 and weeks depending on package quality. Home users too can now take advantage of such air suction package method because sealing machines are now available for kitchen countertops.

Prevent Freezer Burns

Traditional way to store foods requires you to freeze them packed in air tight containers. If you take out them out after a few days, you will find the surface burnt by freezer cold. This is because the moistness on the surface goes away due to dehydration. As a result, food will become leathery and flavor will be lost completely. Using vacuum packing method, all these kinds of freezer burns can be avoided because cold or dry air will not affect the food packed inside.

Poach Under Vacuum

Sous vide cooking is a French cooking method in which foods are poached and cooked in a no air environment. After sealing your tasty entrée in sealing bags designed for sealing machine, you can let the it poach and get cooked.


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