Computer Games Are Now Increasingly Plagued

If beforehand game only became the monopoly on the small child, it is different from what happens now. Now it is not unusual anymore when a father can sit for hours with his son in a speed contest of a game. And this is what happened today, gaming is not the monopoly of a small child again.

The name of a game at this time could have been considered to be the universal toy. Beginning with pre-schoolers, the young child up to the adult already did not feel foreign again with the name game. formerly, peoples perhaps only knew Game Watch or Game Boy, now people can choose a variety of media play. To play games, now we can just choose, just wanted to use a desktop computer (PC) or through a laptop computer, or can also be through the manufacturer of gaming equipment such as PlayStation or Xbox. Even today the PlayStation game also has issued its equipment is in the personal version, called the PSP. At first glance, the PSP itself may remind us of the Game Boy era, where a game can be played anywhere via an online tool that its size is only slightly larger than a cell phone. Supporting equipment of the game that is offered now very heterogeneous, beginning with mouse & keyboard standard, Quick Cam, headset, joystick, Game Pad, Racing Wheel, Play Gear, and others 안전놀이터.

Seem like want to increasingly could be absorbed well by all ages, the game was made with different levels of difficulty. Starting from level ‘Beginner’ to ‘Advance’-made to suit the player’s skill level. If already like this, then the game was probably already can be played by toddlers to adults. Each has been created for the portion of their game. Still about the portion of the game, not only the levels of difficulty are provided in a variety. Own game type is also provided in various ways. Starting from the ‘career’ or that is personal career, so the competition is played with a lot of competitors or enemies are also there. And a more interesting game development is more of a personalized nature. Whether it’s the kind of racing game, a war to football, every player is possible to dress the car, or set the tactics of war, or the team or the squad also set up in accordance with their own desires. It is very unusual, because the players are allowed to personalize themselves in every game they play. This is closer to the player’s imagination in a virtual form of real gaming.

Then how far the category game developing? Categorization game itself growing very large. Currently available a variety of game categories. Starting from the category of racing games such as Moto GP, F1, Need For Speed, Colin McRae Rally; category battle or war games such as Counter Strike, Sniper Elite, Black Hawk Down, Mercenaries; also the category of sports games like FIFA game, Championship Manager, Football Manager, Winning Eleven, NBA, Street Ball; and many other game categories that also circulate in the market. Everything is made to indulge in consumer preferences as far as possible, in this case are gamers.

It is then perhaps the question is what benefits can we received from playing games? Initial idea of a game is definitely as entertainment media. And certainly almost all games made for entertainment. About how someone actually becomes continuously less stress because when playing games, that’s another matter. But should like also in competitive sports, the game should also help the players to learn sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is itself a positive value expected from a game contained. As well as in everyday life, not forever we ‘win’, but also we are not forever ‘losing’. Everything must work well as in the game. Another benefit that may be less aware of is the aspect of intelligence and neural reflexes are actually also a bit more refined in a game, especially games that are very competitive. That is why now also developed many educational games for children, because by learning through visualization interesting expected to learn the spirit of the child will be more encouraged. Besides the basic nature of human beings also have a faster learning everything visual-verbal. That’s why the game is actually also good if you are involved in the process of education (educational games).

But make no mistake, the game also has some unfavorable influence in the development of young children, therefore spare him from the game as much as possible that are damaging or destructive. For small children remains the best educational games, but if you want to add another category in the ‘menu of cuisine “, it is sufficient to provide the categories of sports or racing alone.

Realizing the business opportunities of this industry more and more potential, it is not surprising that many companies began to create an online concept for capturing more dollars into their pockets. And then this is what happened today, a game played not only in personal and network computers, but also can be played with a mass of people around the world who access it. We can even play with people we do not know though. There’s even a company that did not hesitate to provide features ‘transaction’ for this online game. Yup, buying and selling has penetrated even in an online game. This is evidence that humans and imagination is indispensable.


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