10 Tons of Unexpected Danger – May I Have My Death or Injuries To-Go Please

Have you ever considered why your vehicle has a spare tire? Don’t answer that–it’s a rhetorical question. Have you ever considered why you do not have extra protection, if your vehicle breaks down, involved in an accident, or simply stopped on the highway for any reason? This one, you can answer–take your time, I can wait. OK, if your car battery dies, you become a sitting duck. If your car breaks down around a curve, oncoming motorists may not spot you in time to slow down and avoid a deadly accident.

Even in plain view, motorists are killed or injured because of obstructions that may restrict other drivers’ view, causing a devastating rear-end collision. Well, unplanned events happen, and emergencies are a fact of life… could it happen to you? If you can identify with this dangerous situation, you should avoid an incident by having protection, and “have your death or injuries to-go decorative driveway bollards.”

We hope it never happens to us… a disabled or stranded vehicle on dangerous roadsides is scary! We have all seen it before… a vehicle stopped or disabled on the roadside and what do we do? We “drive on by” at speeds of 60 to 70 miles an hour… what most are thinking at the time, “I’m glad it’s not me, while others may simply pray and hope that no one gets hurt.” We have all heard of the “Good Samaritan” stopping to assist a broke-down motorist, where one or both is struck and killed by on-coming traffic–what a tragedy. Motorists traveling at 60 miles/hour only have 3 seconds to spot a disabled vehicle and avoid an incident.

“This chilling situation is happening all across the nation with devastating consequences, and most instances, turns into a nightmare for motorists and emergency response teams without early warning protection,” says Jackson, loss prevention strategies, and tactical safety solutions expert in the incident management industry.” Jackson went on to say, “Safety devices in non-commercial vehicles is not a requirement in the US as in most European Countries, and this presents a dangerous environment for motorist without safety protection.”

Here is the problem; we think it will never happen to us… accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, with devastating and life altering consequences. Two questions, do you have safety protection in your vehicle, and if not, why not? “Advanced safety technologies offer the best chance for avoiding an incident when compared with traditional warning triangles, traffic cones, or flares, and has superior higher visibility safety functions to improve chances of survival,” says Jackson.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 43,443 fatalities occurred in 2005, and over 3.0 million motorists were injured by roadside and general vehicle accidents. The economic impact from the year 2000 (latest available information) was $230,568 Billion. A staggering 62% of accidents occur at night, with the remainder occurring at dawn, dusk, and during rush hour.

Highways have become more dangerous with an increase in speed limits, impaired or distracted motorists, construction projects, and poor highway lighting to name a few. Move-Over Laws exists in forty-three states. The law in general is specific to law enforcement, emergency response agencies, and highway maintenance workers only–general motorists are not included in the law. The ideal solution is two fold: 1) legislators should create similar laws to protect general motorists; 2) legislators could enact laws to require safety devices in all vehicles or as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution.


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