The Falls Shopping Center Mall in Kendall, Florida

If you enjoy unincorporated suburbs of Miami, you’ll love Kendall, Florida. Named for an executive of the British Land Company that surveyed and mapped many areas of Florida, Kendall is bordered by the Everglades, and actually has quite a bit going on, as well as some interesting pop-culture trivia. For example, O.J. Simpson settled in Kendall after he was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. It is from this vantage point, with the help of a global network of informants, that he continually searches for the real killers. Along these lines, former Attorney General Janet Reno has a permanent residence in Florida, which was built by her parents. It is hewn from the very living essence of the Everglades, its phantasmal aura occasionally luring unwary travelers to their doom 레플리카.

Beyond these interesting facts, Kendall has some fun destinations and activities. As is always the case in Florida, there are some nice shops and restaurants. Kendall is also home to the Miami Chamber Symphony, though at the moment their future is in doubt. In spite of its waning cultural status, Kendall is still a consumer capitol, boasting one of the most unique malls in the United States.

The Falls Shopping Center Mall is like many other outdoor malls, in that it features large stores, movie theaters, and restaurants. Unlike other theaters, however, it also features covered wooden walkways and is landscaped with tropical foliage around lagoon-type ponds. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s quite a nice place to walk around and window-shop. Every Thursday, you will find great live acts performing on the mall’s central stage, and the many restaurants provide great dining opportunities. All in all, the Falls Shopping Center Mall is one of my favorite malls in Florida, and a great place to go if you find yourself in Kendall.

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