Want To Meet Girls Online? 5 Helpful Tips

If you want to meet girls online, you need to keep the following 5 tips in mind that we have discussed on the dating women radio show that I co-host.

ONE: Get 2 professional photographs

Cruise through the online profiles and what do you see on the dating sites? Red eye photos. Photos where you can hardly see the other person. Grainy and blurry photos. You are SELLING YOURSELF so put your BEST FOOT forward. Pay a professional photographer to take one photo of you dressed up and the other in more casual clothes. Remember, as the lady of your dreams is quickly cruising through photos, you want to STAND OUT.

TWO: Your online dating profile is only a means to an end, treat it as such

You are not going to sell her on you with a few photos and a profile. The idea is to meet in the real world. Write in your profile that you are looking for a self-reliant woman to have laughs with over coffee and leave it at that. If you pass her physical attraction test via your 2 professional photos, then you will intrigue her with your lack of wordiness on the profile. Remember, online dating needs to lead to REAL WORLD dating!

THREE: You are going to try to make her laugh in 1-3 emails back and forth

You have contacted each other and are now conversing back and forth via email (or at least the email system used by the dating site), so you need to keep it light and funny just like you would in the real world. Again, this is a means to an end to have a real world meeting. You are not to write her a book to her or tell her about anything designed to build a relationship via email. Your whole goal with email is to get her comfortable enough to meet you in the real world.

FOUR: Watch out for the women that only want to talk online

She has seen your photos/profile, you have emailed back and forth a few times, and you have a decent rapport. She still does not want to meet? You likely have a woman that is just into online flirting. Put your offer to meet out there and if she still wants to keep พริตตี้สาวสวยmessing around just in cyberspace, then forget her.

FIVE: Make sure the real world meeting is comfortable, low key and inexpensive

When meeting her, do not send her to the local corner bar in the dicey section of town. You want her to feel as comfortable as possible. The popular bar/restaurant in the heart of downtown. The busy coffee shop in the mall. Etc, etc. Just make sure there is plenty of lighting and plenty of parking near the building and that it is a busy place. For your own sake, make sure that the drinks are reasonably priced. All you are trying to do in the first meeting is to build up a rapport with her so she feels comfortable in going out on a first date with you (if you like her, that is).

Keep your first meeting to 45 minutes maximum no matter how well it is going and keep it light and funny. Also, do not try to touch her in any fashion. If she touches you by reaching out to brush your arm or leg, then that is fine but you want to be different than any other guy, so do not be grabby!


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