Real Mink Lashes: Real Fur and Artificial Mink

mink eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are very pretty and they make your eyelashes look long and thick. It is quite difficult to pull out or wear these eyelash extensions because of their look. They are also very soft compared to normal eyelash. If you are planning to wear these mink lashes, you need to know that they can last for several months before they start falling off.

These mink lashes are not real mink fur but they are actually made from artificial fibers. There are a lot of people who are allergic to real mink fur. Therefore, manufacturers started using synthetic mink fur to create longer-lasting extensions. There are many advantages of using these extensions. They look and feel real, which means you will not feel embarrassed when you go out in public wearing them. They are also less noticeable than human eyelashes.

There are many people who are not satisfied with the look of synthetic mink lashes and they want to get rid of them. However, many beauty companies refuse to remove mink lashes once they have been applied. This is illegal. The only reason why some beauty companies allow the removal of these lashes is to increase their profit margin.

The good news is that there are alternatives to Mink Eyelashes. These eyelash extensions are not as bad as the real mink lashes. People who have used them have claimed that they are not uncomfortable and they do not irritate the eyes. As far as the cost is concerned, most people believe that natural look eyelash extensions are more affordable than the mink eyelashes.

Another advantage of natural eyelash extensions is that there are no chemicals required to be applied to the lashes. Even though this may sound good, many people think that mink lashes made from silk is much better as they do not have the tendency to wither. One of the reasons why many lash artists prefer to use silk lashes is that the clients do not have a problem with them sticking on to the eyelid.

To enhance the natural look of mink eyelashes, one can choose to purchase a Volume Lash Set. Volume Lash Set contains a blend of artificial and natural looking lashes that can help in enhancing the volume. One can also make the lashes look longer by adding more volume by using the Volume Lash Set. The good thing about this set is that it does not cause any irritation to the user’s eyes. One can also buy an eyeshadow brush with good volume, which can help in applying the eyeliner.

Mink eyelashes are mostly made from synthetic material called Keratin. When natural mink lashes are created, they contain pigment, whereas synthetic mink lashes are made from a mixture of plastic and nylon. Though both are effective, using synthetic mink lashes are cheaper. One can also buy natural looking artificial mink eyelashes at affordable rates. In case one cannot afford the real mink lashes, then they can use synthetic material called Volumizing Mascara which is also used in making mascara.

These are soft and shiny. They can be easily cleaned as well. One should not wash mink eyelashes with warm water as this will strip off the natural lashes. One can use a mild detergent, such as baby shampoo for cleaning their eyelashes. One should avoid rubbing too hard or else the fibers of the lashes might come out through the separator.

One should brush their mink lashes made from artificial fibres in order to remove any tangles. This will help lengthen the lashes and reduce the risk of any cut-out. The curl enhancer should be applied on top of the eyelashes after one brush. The curl enhancer will increase the volume of the eyelashes and will prevent them from curling. The mink eyelashes made of artificial fibres can be curled into any shape by the professional beauty guru of the salon.

These mink lashes are available in different colors. One should go for the color that would suit their skin tone best. One should select a color according to the tone of their natural lashes. Once the color is selected, one should apply the eyelash extension.

One can choose any color from the spectrum of mink or real mink lashes. The price of real mink lashes is much higher than the synthetic ones. However, the fake mink lashes look much more like the real fur mink lashes. One should buy the real mink lashes only when they are well-fitted and if they are longer than the natural ones.


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