Massage Q and As You Have to Learn About

Having a massage may come as second nature for many people, but others are still iffy at the thought of lying face down and naked on a massage table. You’ve probably experienced awkward moments like these yourself. If you’re wondering about the protocols of massage services but feel too vulnerable, too exposed to ask about these on your own, then you should ease up and know the anxieties are perfectly normal. You usually take on massages to relieve stress and pain, and the least that you can do is be reassured of certain issues before you strip and get up on the massage table.

Is Tipping a Customary Rule ?

The rule on fine dining also applies to massage service, and some establishments aren’t explicit about their tipping rules. You won’t really know how much you’re supposed to tip (if tipping is allowed) unless you ask, though. Spas and hotels usually encourage tipping if you’re satisfied with the service, as much as twenty percent of the rate if you’re generous. Others don’t recommend it, especially establishments which also offer clinical and diagnostic treatments to patients 강남펄안마.

Is Stripping the Norm?

You don’t have to be bare-naked prior to a massage, especially if you’re uncomfortable with the entire setup. Some massage techniques don’t even require you to undress, such as Shiatsu. Some techniques (like Ayurvedic massage) use oils or lotions to grease you up, though, while others use hot stones and even dripping candles on your body. For massage sessions which require you unclothed, you can choose to undress down to your undies; a thong is preferable to boxers, briefs, or panties since the service usually reaches the groin and pelvic areas. Licensed massage therapists shouldn’t have any problem with your preferences, and they’ll respect your privacy throughout the session.

Casual Conversation Is Optional

Don’t feel pressured to engage your massage therapist during a session. Casual chitchat won’t hurt, but you don’t really need to break the awkward silence by confiding your gym routines to your therapist. Consider the session as professional service without strings attached. Unless your massage therapist is a significant other or a close relative, then all you need to do is relax and ensure you’re de-stressed by the session.


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