Party Venues in Melbourne: Make or Break the Party of a Lifetime

Celebrating a special event calls for the perfect party venue. Searching for one can be a tough endeavor as there is a wide range of places to choose from, specifically in the Melbourne area. When deciding on the most favorable location, you must first consider the type of party or event you are going to have. sofa melbourne

If a cocktail party is what you have in mind, there are quite a number of party venues you can opt for. Listed below are some of the promising choices.

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Tuscan Bar

Experience the luster of Tuscany, located in a clandestine two-leveled venue in Melbourne’s Central Business District. The Tuscan Bar features a banquet hall (aptly named as the Grande Room) which caters to refined dining with an impressive cocktail lounge. The heated rooftop bar is a haven for people seeking to revel under the stars. The bar is well-stocked with a wide selection of beer, wine and cocktails. Meanwhile, they also serve a delectable assortment Italian-style dishes.

CQ Bar & Restaurant

This is one of the remarkable places to conduct your next intimate social gathering. A little jewel in a corner, this restaurant-bar boasts of a wide variety of beer on tap (both local and imported), wines, mixed drinks and other food items. If you are a party person, this is the place to be. An electric music mix will keep you on your toes, dancing to the beat.

Baroq House

Situated in a three-floor mansion, the Baroq House is one of the classiest and posh party destinations. Living up to its stylish exteriors, this venue provides a near-magical experience to the party-seeker. Parties and functions held in the mansion are of the high-end quality, thus one is expected to dress to impress in this particular venue, and additionally you need to be part of the exclusive guest list. Food items are kept to a minimum, but high-class wines are stocked full.

Khokolat Bar

An all new experience can be obtained in this unique basement bar. A spot without pretensions, this is definitely a terrific venue for your targeted party needs. The ambiance is welcoming and soothes your senses as well thus allowing a more intimate experience. The bar’s wine list happens to be pretty impressive along with a wide selection of drinks and beverages. Its patrons dig the upbeat and funky house music that the DJ dishes out each time.

Marrakech Cocktail Bar

Feel Moroccan vibes within the heart of Melbourne. Marrakech Cocktail Bar features the lush opulence of Moroccan furnishings and a sultry ambiance that tempts the senses. The pastel curtains sashaying down the walls of this dimly lit getaway allows mingling to its utmost prime. This place brings about an exotic feel to any gathering conducted within its walls. Marrakech can be a venue for large exclusive group dinners. In addition to that, it is also a popular after-party hangout subsequent to major events in Melbourne.

Mentioned above are several of the first-rate venues for parties and functions, yet, the one that is best suited for all of your party needs, direly calls for the services of Marrakech Cocktail Bar. Parties can be celebrated in accordance with your own preference. All your requests will be accommodated through their highly-esteemed and well-trained staff. The superb entertainment will be enjoyed under lights as you munch on their best-tasting finger foods along with a sip of their most exquisite spirits. In Marrakech, all you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy your party and have the time of your life.


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