5 Telltale Signs Your Website Design is Outdated

Is your website a liability to your business? You may not have spinning gifs or visible hit counters, but somewhere along the line, you stopped keeping pace with the competition online.

Your prospects are researching buying decisions online before they decide to close a deal with you. If your website doesn’t meet expectations, it will cost you business.

Here are a few ways to tell if your website design needs help:

Dated website design

Customers and prospects rely on visual website design when they determine your business standing and capabilities. Stanford research cites a “clean, professional look” as the most important factor for users evaluating website credibility.

How you present your business online has a profound impact on these crucial opinions, and can make the difference between sales won or lost.

Take some time to visit competitors’ websites. How does your site measure up? Take notes on what you like and don’t like, and think about how your website could benefit from these concepts.

Patchwork website growth

Business moves at the speed of light, and your website needs to keep pace. Oftentimes, new product lines or company expansions are tacked onto the website as an afterthought, without rhyme or reason. The end result is disjointed content and confused visitors.

Your website design needs to project a cohesive message across every page, with logical, easy navigation and clear purpose.

Out of sync with company vision

Over the course of time, businesses change and priorities shift. Rebranding, mergers, and other changes require an immense amount of attention. When the dust settles, your website design may not accurately reflect the new business direction.

Don’t give your customers the wrong impression. Make sure you website accurately reflects the company vision and purpose.

Form without function

Some designers create websites entirely in Flash without a thought for the functionality. Browsers with slower connections, or mobile phone users, will not be able to access your website easily, if at all. Search engines will have difficulty indexing your pages.

This mistake also applies to brochure websites ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือwith large image maps and little text.

No way to connect

Not every company needs Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook pages. However, it’s crucial to interact with your customers and prospects online. Every missed opportunity to connect could mean lost revenue.

Offer a report for an email sign-up so you can continue to reach them after they visit your page. Live chat and contact forms allow visitors to contact you directly from the site.

Moving your website forward

Website design can position you as an industry leader, or give customers the wrong impression about your business. Take inventory of your current site to determine if your online presence is sending the right message.


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