International Express Delivery Service Introduction

DHL Express is an international express delivery service that offers postal, courier and freight services to over 200 countries and territories around the world. Being one of the largest freight forwarders in the world, DHL boasts of having well-experienced and skilled staff. With their four shipping platforms including the Standard, Economy and Specialty segments, they offer competitive express parcel delivery services. These services are fast, reliable and affordable for most global destinations. In addition, they have a freight insurance coverage that can provide peace of mind for any business across the globe.

Express parcel delivery services changing the world of business

The first step towards availing this service is making a wish or an observation. Based in Canada, the DHL headquarters offers New Zealand customers the fastest service introduction in the world. On reaching our offices, your package will be prepared for pick-up by our experienced and qualified staff. With great customer service and the best freight rates, we guarantee you’ll always get the best services available. DHL express delivery service introduction has become increasingly popular as New Zealanders clamour for an efficient and cost-effective method of sending parcels to their home countries. Whether you’re shipping a family kit, a sporting goods or a valuable computer device, our New Zealand courier service can handle any size parcel and any type of item gui hang di my tphcm.

For those international shipments with special requirements, we offer a unique solution called customs clearance. If you need your parcel to pass through customs clearance before it can leave, contact us and we’ll make that possible for you. Customs clearance is a thorough inspection of your package by customs officials. You can expect your international express delivery service to undergo all sorts of inspections, from the packing slip to the final delivery of your parcel in the destination country.

Another option for your international express delivery service is e-commerce. China is fast becoming an important global market for e-commerce and online retailing. And it’s not just China, but also India, Japan and the Philippines. These countries are rapidly becoming the latest “go to” locations for global consumers looking for products to buy from anywhere in the world. So if your international parcel needs to be delivered to these markets, contact us.

We offer two methods of international e-commerce and they are: Singles courier service introduction and Singles courier delivery service introduction. For singles, we have the new E-Tong Bao, which is a spectacular 20ft wide and triple sectional steamer with separate compartments for men, women and children. And for international e-commerce with a heavier weight limit, we have the Big C. The Big C is equipped with a powerful motor that can quickly transport up to a staggering 3 tonnes! But this isn’t the limit; the Big C can also be used as a regular conveyance with the capacity to carry up to nine people at a time.

So that’s the e-commerce side. On to the logistics side. We provide logistic experts who will carefully plan your shipments, ensuring that you don’t run into any problems along the way. We can even get you a better rate than your competitors for our highly competitive logistic prices and after sales service.


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