Preparing For Your Initial Consultation – Can A Hearing Aid Help?

When it comes to getting medical help for your hearing problems, you need to be sure that you prepare ahead of time. In the weeks before your appointment, think about questions related to your condition and possible treatment with a hearing aid. To get the most out of your appointment, follow these guidelines:

List Your Symptoms

Write down the symptoms – both frustrating and not-so-frustrating – that you experienced from day to day. Try and remember when they first began. Consult your family and friends also. They may have noticed behavioral changes that you haven’t thought about because they’ve simply become a part of your everyday routine. Even if it seems insignificant, all these symptoms are important for your doctor to know.

Write Down Your Medical History

It’s especially important to note problems that may have affected your ears. Did you have chronic ear infections as a child? Were your ears ever injured during sports or another activity? Have you  Sonavel had ear surgery at any point during your life? Also list you current prescription medications as well as any vitamins or supplements that you’re currently taking.

Take Note of Your Work History

List every job you ever worked – even in high school – and take special note of those jobs which exposed your ears to loud noises. You may not have even thought about the high noise level at the time because it was just a routine part of the job. For instance, flight attendants are often seated next to loud engines during takeoffs, landings, and turbulence during the flight. They may not realize it, but that noise is probably taking a toll on their ears.

Arrange for a Friend or Family Member to Accompany You to Your Appointment

If you take a trusted friend or family member along, you’ll have two sets of ears taking in the information. You can collaborate later to remember everything that was said. It’s also advantageous to have two brains working to formulate questions.

Come up with a List of Questions

You may be a little overwhelmed toward the end of your appointment. With all the information you’ll be absorbing, any questions you may have can fly right out of your brain! So, go ahead and think about them before you step into the doctor’s office. Write them down and take the list with you. That way, you’ll have all your questions right in front of you when the time comes.

Some basic questions include:

– What are the possible causes of my symptoms?
– What is the most likely cause?
– What are some secondary causes?
– Will I need to have testing done?
– Which tests do you recommend?
– Can a hearing aid help?
– Do I need to stop any of my current medications or supplements?


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