Best Way To Lose Belly Fat and Reduce Belly Fat With Trans Fat?

An amazing Certified Nutrition Specialist once told me that there is actually a kind of healthy natural trans fat that effectively burns off stubborn belly fat… forever. And undoubtedly one of the best ways to lose belly fat and reduce belly fat that anyone has seen in a long time.

Sounds too good to be true – fighting fat with fat? But it works.

Let’s begin with artificial trans fats. By now I’m sure you’re aware that these artificial trans fats, made from hydrogenated oils, are one of the most unhealthy, not to mention disgusting, “foods” you can put in your body. Artificial trans fats are one of the major causes of the rampant obesity we see, as well as an array of cancers and heart disease.

They should be avoided…always! This fact is no longer debated.

Most people, however, are unaware that there is a special breed of naturally occurring trans fat that increases fat loss, even around the belly, and aids in building lean muscle and Biotox gold overall reduce belly fat.

The special breed of natural trans fat that I’m talking about is known as conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. It naturally occurs in the meat and milk from certain animals such as goats, cows, sheep, deer, bison, and kangaroo, to name a few. CLA is not only known to deter cancer, but is also a powerful fat burner.

Keep in mind that CLA is most potent when the animals are grass-fed, not grain-fed.

Some of you may have seen CLA supplements sold in stores and, although tempting, beware.

CLA supplements should NOT be purchased! The CLA supplements found in stores are not healthy because they are artificial – absolutely not the real deal. The only healthy form of CLA is that found in grass-fed ruminant animals. CLA pills contain a totally different isomer than those that are naturally occurring. In short, CLA supplements will do you absolutely no good.

Remember, only the natural CLA that you get from grass-fed ruminant meats actually has the health benefits you need to boost fat burning (particularly in the stomach region) and create lean muscle, which, by the way, helps increase your metabolism and lose weight even quicker. Hence, this is why it is classified as certainly in the top of best way to lose belly fat secrets.

It’s common knowledge that most artificial trans fats will lead to unhealthy and fat people, but now you are one of the privileged few that knows there actually are healthy natural trans fat – fat that burns fat!

If you enjoyed this amazing secret to banish belly fat forever with grass fed meats, there are many more Fat Burning Tips I have available to make your body slimmer and healthier. Finally reduce belly fat for good, the best way to lose belly fat yet.


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