Golf and Betting Go Hand in Hand

It is quite an unknown fact that betting and golf have gone hand in hand like fish and chips. What Saturday or Sunday morning fourball would be complete without a little wager, be it for a golf ball, a fiver or the four and five figure sums that are regularly placed at the great gambling clubs like Sunningdale 토토사이트?

In times gone by great hustlers like Titanic Thompson regularly made a handsome living out of the game of golf before the start of World War II. This took place mostly in Florida, by tricking millionaire tourists into big money golf matches which they had no chance of winning. In more recent times two Major champions, Lee Trevino and Raymond Floyd, both started out by playing matches for a hundred dollars when they only had ten in their pockets.

With so much money being wagered on golf it has often been a major concern that punters could change the course of an event by shouting at the top of someone’s backswing or by treading balls down it the rough. In the past bookmakers were not permitted onto a course and this is still the case with the Open Championship. However, on the European Tour this changed in the 1970’s when the barrier was removed and bookmakers were allowed to pitch their tents and promote their wares.

The people that have been mentioned as making a killing through being cavalier when playing against others, are either very clever, or simply struck it lucky. In general, in order to beat the enemy on a regular basis you certainly need to know your golfing onions. Research is the major part of knowledge. Watching dozens of hours of golf on tv every week to check on a golfer’s swing or putting ability would be a useful starting point.

It is possible to acknowledge when someone doesn’t have the confidence in one or two areas of their game and cannot replicate a good score for three more days. In order to win at golf you need to be at least up with the pace, and better still, be ahead of the game. Just like with football, you need to know about which players are carrying injuries, which players have poor or great records on certain courses, which players do well at certain times of the year, and know which players target certain objectives and use minor tournaments to experiment or build up to the major tournaments and other lucrative weeks.

A frequently asked question is; is there a secret to backing regular golf winners? The answer in simple terms would be that like any sort of betting is that the more you put into it, the more you are likely to get out of it. A very basic requirement is judgement. It is crucial that you know when a bookmaker is making a mistake. It is far less likely to happen in today’s market than in the past when golf was very small pickings indeed. Nowadays, it is the second biggest betting sport after football thanks to television coverage which has enabled golf to become a much more available sport for the general public.


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