Does The Flat Belly Solution Work?

Does the Flat Belly Solution work? Really…what makes this nutrition plan, developed by Isabel De Los Rios, so enormously popular with women? Obviously, the invariability of sales and the recurrent positive feedback on weight loss blogs, women’s health & fitness forums, and thousands of Twitter accounts is telling us something.

Women will not have such an emphatically positive reaction to a weight loss plan unless it is safe, sensible, and getting noticeable results. In a nutshell, Isabel’s best-selling program flat-out works!

What Makes The Flat Belly Solution So Attractive?

  • First, it is NOT a diet. Women view the Flat Belly Solution as an instructive blueprint for making positive lifestyle changes in their eating habits to stay fat-free for life…not a temporary strategy to lose a few pounds.
  • It is educationally practical. You will discover how to eat consciously, rather than mindlessly. Your awareness about foods that promote energy, as opposed to fat storage, will increase appreciably.
  • You will discover how to determine your Okinawa Flat belly tonic personal Metabolism Type and formulate meal plans that enhance metabolic response, NOT grind it to a halt.
  • You will find that making good food choices is far easier when the majority of your selections are from natural food sources…not ones from boxes, cardboard containers, or shrink-wrap.
  • There is nothing harsh or extreme about Isabel’s program. She supports sensible and progressive weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per week.

Isabel De Los Rios connects with women seeking meaningful weight loss on two distinct levels: First, Isabel, herself, was 30 lbs. overweight during her junior high and high school years, and she watched her mother and grandmother become devitalized due to Type II diabetes. Secondly, she graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from Rutgers University, and utilized her research skills to perfect a program of natural weight loss (using herself as the guinea pig) that could be duplicated by other women.

Now, close to 65,000 women are following Isabel’s simple 99-page book, and more become involved each day. Sustained growth occurs for one reason: It positively answers the question, “Does the Flat Belly Solution work?”


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