Professional or DIY Funeral Service Arrangements?

Having to deal with death is not the only hard part of having a funeral. Funeral services can be very expensive and some funeral home directors do nothing to lower the costs. This leaves some people considering leaving the funeral home out of the scenario altogether and making all the arrangements themselves. Unless the deceased has specified certain wishes before they departed, deciding on the right funeral arrangements can be quite a challenge. This is especially true where budget is concerned. This article presents some helpful information for your consideration to help make the decision easier.

The first thing that many people assume is that going through a funeral home is absolutely necessary. However, this is not the case. People have the ability to have funerals without these 出殯流程 services, but they have to do everything according to the law in their area. The law is the one limiting factor in funerals for a lot of people, but in many areas it is surprisingly lenient on a lot of things. If there are some things for which it would seem a funeral parlor is required, remember that this does not mean that all services funeral home offer have to be taken advantage of.

There is no need to go through a funeral services provider for a casket. The fact is that caskets can be bought separately, often for hundreds of dollars less than what is paid for them in a funeral home. The internet is a great tool for helping people save on caskets. Now private consumers can easily go online and get a casket from a wholesale supplier. This approach can be used even if a funeral home is used. By law funeral homes must allow you to use a casket that you bought elsewhere. You do not have to be limited to the choices and prices the funeral home gives you.

If the body is to be cremated a crematorium is needed. Most places will not allow people to cremate bodies at home. This is a service that only a funeral home can do. Many people choose cremation services because they are cheaper, but the truth is that cremation services are only the cheapest if the body is not to be viewed first. This is because cremation can be done without the purchase of a casket, but a casket is needed for viewing the body before burial.

The memorial service can be done at home. There is no rule that says people cannot get together in a private home to celebrate the life of someone they love that is now gone. The funeral home is also a place to have the funeral, but they charge and it is not always the most suitable environment. For those who would like to save money or remember their loved on at home, renting out a funeral home is not needed.

Many places allow bodies to be buried on private land. It is not odd for a farmer to be buried on his farm. If there is land in the family you may opt to have a private graveyard instead of placing your loved one to rest in a purchased burial plot. Plus there is no fee for grave opening and closing. There are a lot of charges that can be avoided simply by doing the burial on private land.


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