Leather Products – Exporting Them to the World

Leather goods are a must have for every wardrobe. These products are available in different forms like shoes, wallets, handbags, belts etc. There are thousands of leather goods manufacturers in the world but very few of them can assure you the quality and satisfaction. It is always recommended to buy from a reputed leather goods manufacturer. The name of the company speaks about its reputation in the leather industry.

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The leather industry in particular (boots, garments, garment) is very much fashion oriented. Hence, items made of (preferably) leather goods are always complementing stylish clothing. They enhance the appeal and style quotient of the garments, whether formal or informal. Leather is also considered as one of the most popular and profitable semi-precious stones and thus it naturally leaves a big impact on the export value of a product.

There are various studies and researches conducted by various international organizations to determine the exact rate of leather goods’ export. One such study says that the leather industry contributes about 40% to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is more than the contribution made by the agricultural sector of India vi da nam cam tay.

India is one of the biggest exporters of leather goods. The country exports over a billion annually in leathers alone. Exports include garments like sweaters, leather dresses, slippers, bags, shoes, belts etc. These products are extensively used in western countries apart from developing countries like China, Brazil and Vietnam. Leather products make excellent footwear. Most of the renowned brands in the world are manufacturing their products using hides obtained from cows.

Apart, from the famous names, other small and unknown leather goods manufacturing companies are also entering into the league. However, it’s always advisable to check the authenticity and origin of these products before buying. If you wish to buy quality leather goods at great discounts, then you should buy leather goods directly from tanneries. Check with your local leather industry guide to find out the nearest tanneries.

Today, one of the most popular ways of purchasing leather goods are through social media. This is because of a number of reasons. First, consumers can easily buy products from anywhere in the world just by using a simple search. Additionally, because of the fast growing popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s now possible to get in touch with friends and loved ones from all over the world by simply using these two prominent networking sites.


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