Eco-Friendly Pet Products – Making Environmentally Friendly Choices

Let’s face it, most households these days have at least one pet if not more. What many of us do not consider, is the impact those pets have on our environment. From the food we buy to their toys, collars and accessories, pet products have become a multi-million dollar industry.

With all of the environmental talk these days, green and eco-friendly products have become all the rage. People are thinking more and more about their impact on the environment. We can reduce the impact of our pets as well, simply by buying eco-friendly pet products rather than the traditional store products that are full of harsh chemicals and fillers that are in no way good for your pets

There are a large variety of eco-friendly pet products available on the market today. The hardest part is deciding which ones to choose. Pet product manufacturers have really stepped up to the plate, and now offer an ever widening variety of eco-friendly products.

One option would be to change the food we buy. The vast majority of dry dog food on store shelves today, are full of artificial fillers and preservatives. Most are also sorely lacking in nutritional value. There are a multitude of all natural and organic pet food manufacturers to choose from. Some even specialize in all natural, pure, raw foods while others in gourmet treats Pet Waste Removal Michigan.

Another eco-friendly pet product choice would be to choose accessories made from organic fabrics. You can find leashes, collars, toys, and clothing made from a variety of eco-friendly and natural fibers. Some are made from bamboo, some from hemp, and some from organic cotton. The choice is yours.

Animal waste is another factor that has a large impact on the planet. We all walk our dogs and have to carry little plastic bags to remove the waste from a yard, park, or other undesirable public area. Now you can buy biodegradable doggie bags. This is one of those “true green” products. The bags are 100 % biodegradable and are not made from any harsh chemicals that will permeate into the soil. There is absolutely no residue that will harm plants or animals in these waste bags. This is a very good eco-friendly choice in pet supplies.

Oh, and let’s not forget the massive industry of skin care and health care products for pets. You can find just about any product you would use on your pets in a more natural and organic form. Everything from shampoo to coat conditioners and a multitude of products for every pet ailment you can think of

We have barely even scratched the surface here on the variety of natural, organic, and eco-friendly pet products and supplies that are now available. It really is as simple as doing a little bit of research and purchasing a slightly different product than you normally would. So please, let’s all do our part in making our planet a greener, safer, place to live.


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