What Goes in a Bug Out Bag

Although in most cases it might be better to ride out disasters in the city, there may be instances where you are forced to leave your home or neighborhood. There might be flooding, earthquake damage, a fire or any number of hazards that make your home unlivable. In case this happens, you need to have a bug out bag (BOB).

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What in the world is a bug out bag?

A bug out bag is a portable bag that contains all the items that might be needed in a disaster. It needs to be light enough to carry, but large enough to hold everything you need. It’s a good idea to keep one in each vehicle and one near your front door bug out bag.

There are hundreds of thousands who probably wish they’d had a bug out bag when disaster struck, from the survivors of the Haitian earthquake to the victims of hurricane Katrina. By planning ahead, your life will be infinitely easier should you find yourself in a survival situation.

Where can I get one?

You’ll probably have trouble finding a good bug out bag locally. Even sporting goods stores don’t usually carry fully stocked bug out bags. But there are many places you can purchase one online. I recommend getting a 72 Hour Kit from nitro-pak.com. They have kits designed for 2 or 4 people and several extras. However, it might be a little cheaper to make your own bug out bag.

What kind of bag should I use?

You can use any type of bag strong enough to hold the weight, such as a duffel bag. However, I think it’s better if you use a sturdy backpack, preferably one with an internal frame. A backpack won’t slow you down as much as an awkward duffel bag. Jansport and Teton make some really good backpacks, but get whatever works.


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