Mobile Phone Cameras Aren’t Just For Fun

The resolution of integrated cameras in Mobile Phones has ranged from VGA all the way to even 5 Megapixels! And who knows what the future brings. 手機拍照

Great for taking pictures of beautiful scenery, self-portraits, friends, etc.

Of course, I use my mobile phone camera for the same reasons too.

On top of that I use it for several other purposes.

Ever parked your car in a huge carpark of a shopping mall? And then you don’t recall where you parked your car after you are done shopping?

What you can do is always remember to take a picture of your car with the car park lot number after you park your car.

And if you bring your kids to the shopping mall, take a picture of each kid before bringing them into the mall.

If you lose them, at least it’s easy to tell the management or security or info counter what clothes they wear and how they look like.

Another use is when you are in a meeting and the key objectives are written on a flip chart or whiteboard, you can just whip out your phone camera and snap a copy of it. This saves you time copying and losing it.

Minor car accidents happen, right? The phone camera can also provide proof of damage to your car to claim insurance.

Of course, a digital camera is better than a mobile phone camera.


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