Vietnam Travel Guide – Why it is Important to Check Out the Complete Guide

You would need a Vietnam travel guide if you plan to explore this historic and beautiful country. Vietnam is currently among the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Like many historic destinations throughout Asia, Vietnam offers fabulous beaches to enjoy and an array of cultural experiences to appreciate. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, pays homage to its iconic historical leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a large, landmark marble statue known as the Trung Nguyen in tribute to his revolutionary Nationality.

Vietnam Travel Itinerary: What to Do on a 1-2 Week Trip

Another important aspect of Vietnam travel guide is the area’s bustling cities and towns. Just like much of Vietnam, Hanoi’s central district is filled with historic buildings and galleries, many showcasing the resilience and creativity of Vietnam’s native people. One of the most interesting aspects of Vietnam is that the town center, Hoan Kiem, is filled with shops, boutiques, and restaurants where the locals sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to unique pottery, metalwork and lace work

In addition to Hoan Kiem, another hot spot is Hanoi’s old quarter, Old Town. While it may be filled with sights and sounds from the capital city, old town is where you will find some of Vietnam’s most authentic items. You can shop in the streets, eat traditional Vietnamese meals at street vendors, and marvel at the many art works in huts located throughout the area. You can also take a horseback ride along the Hoan Kiem River or attend a fascinating night market that features a variety of colorful local products.

If you are traveling within Vietnam’s Central region, then your Vietnam travel guide should include a visit to the traditionally vibrant and boisterous Mekong Delta. The Mekong Delta is an oasis of natural beauty, with large lagoons, lush rice terraces, and beautiful beaches. The vibrant region of the delta is home to a diverse range of cultures and traditions, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, and Korean communities.

The Mekong Delta is also home to one of Vietnam’s most famous landmarks: the floating village of Phu Yen. Locals here have long enjoyed a relatively free lifestyle due to the presence of the floating village, which makes for a fascinating Vietnam travel guide. However, if you plan to visit Phu Yen in order to enjoy more luxuries, there are plenty of options.

You can book a one-way ticket to Phu Yen, or you can stay around longer and take advantage of the monthly “tourist buses” that run between the main tourist cities of Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. By paying a small price, you can visit Vietnam throughout the rainy season. Most visitors to Vietnam prefer the first week of the rainy season, when temperatures are warm and the beaches are crowded. The first week of the rainy season is also the best time to find cheap flights to Hanoi and other destinations in Vietnam. Be sure to check out the complete guide before you book your trip.


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