Breast Self Examination – Why Is There A Need?

For most women, breasts are the source of sensual pleasure.  For some mothers, they find breastfeeding as a good bonding time with her baby.  It is a way of nurturing the baby’s life and keeping her nourished with antibodies.  But there are occurrences wherein women face health challenges especially when the main concern is their breasts.  There are times wherein women experience discomfort and pain in their breast making them feel angry and uncomfortable. 

Breast discomfort is just a normal part of being a woman.  It does not necessarily mean that when there is an occurrence of breast discomfort or pain, it will then be a sign of breast cancer.  Women should know that breasts are mammary glands that are responsive to natural hormonal changes, especially when there is a fluctuation of estrogen.  This incident occurs when the women experiences monthly menstruation, menopause and even pregnancy.  The hormonal changes can cause breasts to swollen, be tender and lastly, painful to touch.  It is not only the breast that is affected with hormonal changes but it also includes having mood swings, irritability and having headache lam bang gia.

But there is one type of disease that is feared by most women and that is breast cancer.  Breast cancer is a serious type of disease that needs to be dealt and managed well.  There are some cases of breast cancer wherein it had already gotten worse to the point that the affected breast has to be surgically removed.  When a woman faces this type of problem, she needs full support from her husband, her family and loved ones.

If breast cancer is left untreated, other body parts may be affected just like when you use pepper spray guns for self defense wherein not only the vision is impaired but including the respiration of the individual.  As we all know, cancer cells move so fast and they have the capacity of affecting other body organs that are close to the main affected organ the same as how the stunning effects of a dog tazer works fast.  The single most important activity that needs to be done to determine any abnormalities in a woman’s breast is breast self examination.

Breast self examination is a procedure performed to determine if there are lumps, masses, tenderness, swelling or distortion in a woman’s breast.  This is also a good method for determining breast cancer.  No medical equipments are needed in this type of examination.  There will be no needles and other laboratory equipments so women should not be afraid.  In fact, women can do this examination all by themselves.  From the name of the procedure itself, self examination which means done by the self.

Firstly, breast self examination is done once a month in order for you to become familiar with the normal contours of your breast.  It will be easy for you to familiarize what is normal from the abnormal. This type of examination needs to be done 3-4 days after menstruation when the breasts are no longer swollen or tender.  For those having irregular menstrual period, they can select a particular day of the month that way they can easily remember and be reminded of the examination.

If you discover or notice any abnormalities such as a lump, dimpling of the skin and any discharge from the nipple, immediately contact or visit your healthcare provider for more assessment and evaluation on the findings.  What you have discovered may be a benign breast condition and may lead to cancer if you have disregarded it.


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