Love, Sermon on the Mount – The True Meaning!

We must remember that Jesus is only concerned with our souls, not with the physical creatures attached to souls. He taught us that a true mourner will seek what he has lost–his spiritual awareness or heritage. Jesus said that if our souls consciously recognize the true spiritual value of that treasure and again finds that greatest of treasure, that person will sell/surrender all he has in the physical environment (our physical person and all that attaches to that person) to again obtain that treasure.

The parable of the sheep that was lost and was found again is the spiritual story of the soul who was misled by the serpent by believing a spiritual lie. This misleader, the serpent, still is misleading the lost soul and we now know him as god Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, etc. The spirit in Jesus is solely concerned with our souls, not souls’ projections as human creatures. Jesus addressed us in our human forms because he is not able to address our souls as their god in paradise because we rejected him and do not know him any more. Jesus as god, and as shepherd, is seeking us and he is utterly delighted when he again sees a sheep/soul that somewhat recognizes him as the true god and begins to follow him again. Jesus has another parable that says that his sheep know his voice and will rejoice and follow him. The sheep that again hears and recognizes his voice is the soul who understands the extremely vile sin of rejecting the true god who loved him for a deceiver who exploits soul for his spiritual power. In the light of the above let us look again at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and let me explain the true spiritual meaning of each principle in that sermon.

Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!

To know that one is spiritually poor is the primary requirement to be born again. Normal human beings are not even aware that they are spiritually poor because as pagans they do not know that their human form hides the soul; and religiously pious people do not understand that they are spiritually poor because they still worship the deceiver. For the first time in history, here is the true meaning of this verse: One must know that being in the physical environment means that we have lost our spiritual sense of being, our spiritual heritage. If we can believe that we lost our spiritual heritage we are again in the position to be receptively taught our poor spiritual condition and thus can again accept the truth that reigns in spirit. Having attained that truth one will again be accepted in the true spiritual realm. This verse makes it clear that we cannot search for something if one is not aware that we lost that particular something.

Happy are those who mourn; god will comfort them!

Those souls (not mere humans) who mourn the loss of their spiritual heritage will be recognized by god as having again gained insight in the truth of true spirit. The true god (the Comforter) will comfort them. They will again be accepted in true spirit and be with the true god (John 17: 3)

Happy are those who are humble; they will receive what god has promised.

A soul that is humble is a soul that recognizes that he has betrayed his true father. He has a stance of shame and repentance for his error. God will reward him for seeing the way of his error by embracing him into his heart.

Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what god requires; god will satisfy them fully.

We can see that Jesus keeps hammering on the same few principles throughout his sermons and teachings. God’s greatest desire is for us, souls, to recognize that we believed a lie in spirit and to repent of that great spiritual error by again wanting to embrace the truth. If that is our greatest desire also, god will again bring us that truth through the Comforter whom we will receive individually, and not as a congregation of people, as guide.

Happy are those who are merciful to others; god will be merciful to them!

If we as souls disguised as people are wholly concerned with our own predicament in the physical world we, as souls, are physically grounded and still lost to spirit, but if we can see the plight of others who can only see themselves as fragile, and suffering physical creatures and help them in their state of utter spiritual confusion, by doing, as a general practice, what the Good Samaritan did without any concern for our own physical persons, god sees that we have gained and understand spiritual insight. God will then know that we must be extremely concerned with the consequences of our own spiritual fall and will lovingly raise us up again in spirit (remember we died in spirit when we got involved with the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and we need to be raised up again from spiritual death).

Being merciful in a spiritual manner to others thus shows that we are not concerned about ourselves as human beings and are thus more readily available to see our severally poor spiritual situation. The spirit in Jesus is only, and only, concerned with our souls, not with our human predicament. He knows that the physical being is a mere virtual character without standing in spirit whatsoever. The spiritual Good Samaritan, Jesus, tried, throughout his ministry, to bring us as souls the insight of our error and hoped that we as souls through that insight will begin to understand the magnitude of our error of believing a liar in paradise who made the god of truth to be a liar in our heart. Jesus tells those of us who understand the truth of our predicament to bring that truth to other, as yet deceived souls. That is what I am doing now by making this article available to you. 1 Corinthian 13 is the definition of spiritual love. Each redeemed soul will show that love in earth as Jesus did; and will continue to abide by that definition of love in spirit. Once we know and repented of our error made in paradise we are like Jesus in every way-good as Jesus and his father are good and with a complete and full understanding of the principle in evil.

Happy are the pure in heart; they will see god!

The pure in heart are the human beings whose heart/soul (the point of contact of the physical to the spiritual) have again insight into their spiritual error, have repented and again seek meekly to be accepted by god, their father. God will embrace them and be one with him (Jesus prayer of John 17)

Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children!

This statement has absolutely nothing to do with peace on earth! The souls in human beings in general are at war with the true god because they believe him to be a lair. They shun him and have accepted the liar, Jehovah, as their true god. There is war in the heart of most human beings because they still worship the liar, even as Christians. We must begin to recognize that we are enslaved to the lair, and we must seek the one who always tells the truth-not because he is told to do so as Jesus was by his father but because the true father, from the 抑鬱症催眠 absolute principle of his being, always is the truth-the true god (John 17: 3). When we see the true god as our true father we are again his children. I write my articles for free so you can also have the peace that the truth of god brings; so as long as I do it for your soul and not for my pocketbook, the kingdom belongs to me. I do not write this to brag but to bring the true principle of a spiritual peacemaker to you.


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