How To Get Rid Of Black Ants

Drione Dust works even faster than boric acid. It is more expensive, but if time is of the essence, then this is a great way to go. Although the chemical make-up is totally unique, it acts like boric acid, only faster! Often the killing of the entire colony is the end result of using this powered product if it is introduced directly into the colony nest site.

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This is not necessarily a product that would be carried back to the colony such as with boric acid based powders. It may be prudent to use both, in combination, using a boric acid based ant bait, to eliminate the queen ant and thus the entire colony especially if the colony nest cannot be located.

First, find out how the ants are entering the home or if the ants have created a home within a wall or other area of the house. Literally take the time to watch the ants for whatever period of time it takes to determine where the ants have made their entrance to the home or created a colony. You must find their nesting site or the few ants you kill will not stop them.

The best time, or the easiest time, to find them heading for home is at dusk. Lots of ants have activity during the day with scouts and workers looking for food black lives matter t-shirt. Some of these little creatures will head for home when the sun is going down and shortly afterwards with some species, such as carpenter ants, remaining active for hours after sunset. Some of the smaller ants often called sugar ants are more active in early morning hours or throughout the night.

Some just seem to be active all the time! You must find the home of the ants and then introduce the dust to their nest if you expect the drione dust to totally eradicate the colony. This introduction will destroy their working environment and eliminate the ant colony. By killing off the worker ants the colonies ability to survive, due to the lack of food, is greatly diminished. If you find the ants entrances to their nest site and introduce the powder, the colonies days are numbered. As a matter of fact, you will be able to watch the ants evacuate the area only to die once they have been infected with the dust.

This dust is so toxic to an ant that they will literally run for their lives seconds after its introduction into their home. This is a very comforting sight when attempting to eradicate ants on your own.


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