Studying Abroad in Japan – Important Tips For First Time Travelers

Study abroad program in Japan is one of the best options for students who want to explore new cultures and develop their personal interests apart from their regular courses. Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world, which can be seen from many places including the Great Wall of China, Tokyo Bay, Mount Fuji, the Sea of Japan and the Senkakai. There are many interesting things to see in Japan. A student going on a study abroad program in Japan must make sure that he or she is physically fit to withstand long hours of walking, hiking, cycling, skating and swimming. Students who wish to spend their holiday break in Japan should always carry their passports.

Intensive Language in Japan | Learn Japanese in Japan

After studying abroad in Japan, you will find that you are in for a very good chance of enhancing your English language skills, as well as learning the Japanese language skills. In order to study abroad in Japan, it is mandatory for you to have a JETOC (JPN) visa. You will find that a majority of educational institutions and universities in Japan require the students to acquire at least a one-year college course in a specific subject xem them. The subjects include subjects such as science, health and technology, economics, English and many more.

In case you are a high school student looking forward to study abroad in Japan, you will find that there are many opportunities for you. Many high schools in Japan are now taking on foreign students to enable them to enhance their foreign language skills. Even if you do not get a chance to participate in a study abroad program in Japan, you can still enjoy all the benefits that the country has to offer you. Below are a few interesting facts about Japan.

  • The capital of Japan is Tokyo and it is located on the coast of Japan. As far as the real estate property is concerned, Tokyo is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Many international students who opt to study abroad in Japan often purchase residential properties in Tokyo. Also if you are an international student and you are interested in taking up a job in the Tokyo International Airport, you will find that there are many opportunities for you. If you want to take up a job in Tokyo as an airline stewardess, you will be happy to know that this will be a great chance to learn about the Japanese culture and the Japanese language.
  • As far as the cuisine is concerned, many people are in love with the delicious traditional cuisine of Japan. So when you are studying abroad in Japan, you can make delicious food that is deliciously prepared using the most traditional ingredients. Many students who study abroad in Japan also like to shop around and purchase authentic products from various restaurants in Tokyo. Apart from shopping, you can also join local eateries and sample some local cuisine. On top of all these great eating joints and cafes, you can also enjoy a range of interesting drinks and live music at the bars and clubs of Tokyo.
  • Another specialty of Japanese culture is the tattooing and body piercing culture. So when you are in Japan, you can make great use of your leisure time by getting yourself some amazing body piercings and tattoo designs. This can further enhance your personality and enhance your style quotient as well. The great thing about the Japanese tattoo culture is that you can have as many tattoo designs as you want and as many make-up kits as well. So while you are studying abroad in Japan, you can spend quality time with your family and friends and still continue to stay stylish and hip.

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