Cure For Tinnitus – Proven Tinnitus Home Remedies That Works

That incessant ringing in the ears day and night is tinnitus which is usually a symptom of another ailment and hence is more difficult to ascertain. By virtue of this fact, adopting a broad based perspective as opposed to single therapy methods is comparatively better cure Silencil for tinnitus.

Here you will find some tinnitus home remedies trial and tested to work well to help you reduce or eliminate the ringing in the ears.

There are foods that you need to avoid or reduce if you wish to stop the condition. Reducing the intake is a start and these foods include sugar, salt, processed foods. Avoid sweet desserts, coffee, tea and any alcoholic drink to prevent stimulation of blood flow.

Food that you can take in greater abundance than others are seaweed which are rich in protein, garlic, fresh vegetables and fruits, especially fresh pineapples which can help reduce swelling in the ears. Supplements like vitamin A, B, E, zinc are helpful to reducing tinnitus too. One of the tested and proven effective tinnitus home remedies is Ginkgo Biloba concentrate which you insert into the inside of the ears.

If you are in a situation where you are unable to avoid loud noise by virtue of work, you should get your ears protected by ear plugs. Choose to use the sponge materials rather than rubber or wax. The latter two keeps out noise almost totally, and if you already have developed the condition, you would know that total silence is deadly to the disorder and might even aggravate the condition.


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