Don’t Make the Mistake of Not Having a Home Water Purifier

It’s unbelievable that only recently has the state of our drinking water supplies become an area of concern in the media. Many people are starting to realize their need for a home purifier water system. Before CNN, NBC and the LA Times among other media heavyweights took notice of the present peril of our tap water, numerous studies had been showing for years that our tap water is tainted. Yet owning a home water purifier was long something considered to be the domain of health nuts.

But, do I really need a home water purifier?

This has been mistake number one, believing that most of our water supplies whether big city or rural areas are safe and don’t require a home water purifier. In a report issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)many metropolitan water systems were found to contain contaminants such as lead, radon, and pathogenic germs such as Cryptosporidium to name a few. Not to mention that many of the pesticides and prescription drugs recently reported in the news to be flowing from are kitchen taps are not even regulated by EPA established standards.

Even the chlorine originally added in most areas to disinfect water for consumption, is a major cause of concern according to many medical regulatory and watchdog organizations. The EPA itself in its Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rules states “Some disinfectants and disinfection byproducts (DBPs) have been shown to cause cancer and reproductive effects in lab animals and suggested truyền nước tại nhà bladder cancer and reproductive effects in humans.” They in fact slapped chlorine and its related disinfectant cousins with a mandated minimum limit that can be allowed in drinking water due to there dangerous by-products.

Home Water Purifier anyone?

I probably don’t have to tell you that our drinking water processing facilities don’t always meet acceptability levels. And if your like me,you would like as little cancer causing contaminants in your body as possible. I definitely refuse to let my children consume these contaminants if I can do anything to stop it.

Water is necessary for every living being and kids especially need decent water for proper growth and development.

Our bodies are as is the planet itself approximately 75 percent water. The water we drink infuses our cells, lubricating our joints and flushing toxins from our systems. If then the water we consume is polluted its self we can only expect a negative result in the public health. I mean have you ever before heard of the number of diseases and cancers being reported today?

A home purifier water system is a must in any home, despite its location. Rural locations must also be vigilant concerning there drinking water the pesticides talked about by the media are directly related to the pesticides and herbicides used in farming. These chemicals leach into the ground and into wells and aquifers were water is drawn from. We just are not able to control the action of others or the possibility of mistakes in processing of our drinking water. A comprehensive home water purifier is however not as simple as going to the local department store and picking the special of the day, or the most expensive one either. Expensive does not translate into affective.

A reverse osmosis home purifier water system, which have been very popular, for instance strips water of the good minerals that sustain our good health and our children’s development. What’s needed instead is a multistage home purifier water system that maintains good mineral balance while removing the contaminants and chemicals that are present in our water.


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